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Personalized Stickers: the demand from companies increases

HomeBusinessPersonalized Stickers: the demand from companies increases

For some time now, companies have rediscovered the value of personalized stickers, a very popular form of advertising in the past, but which has proven to be able to perfectly support the most current needs in terms of marketing.

The stickers, in fact, ensure a notable impact in every kind of face-to-face contact: an aspect that makes them crucial in any type of offline advertising campaign. They are in great demand because they appeal to young and old and they last a long time, not to mention that they can support any promotional need thanks to their numerous advantages.

Customizable stickers: the importance of customization

The customizable stickers can be configured by choosing from a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors.

This means that each product is always different from the others, guaranteeing companies the use of a unique and original promotional element. The network also supports this need by facilitating access to editor and printing platforms rich in proposals and customizations.

Among these, Vograce undoubtedly stands out, which offers the printing of personalized stickers at extremely affordable costs, with the possibility of creating a tailor-made project or choosing the most suitable solution for your business from a wide variety of models.

Marketing and companies: the versatility of customizable stickers

In light of the many configuration possibilities, personalized stickers represent one of the most versatile advertising forms among those available on the market. For example, they can be easily integrated into any offline branding campaign, either alone or as a support to other promotional elements, and can replace the classic flyers within a mass distribution event.

All with a greater return than classic flyers: in fact, thanks to their adhesive surface, they tend to take on a higher value in the eyes of the consumer which, in most cases, pushes them to keep them for a long time.

Furthermore, if made with a pinch of creativity, for example with a funny message or with a small space intended for the annotation of useful information, they can be attached on the bulletin boards of public places and offices , where they can ensure a promotional effect with an almost impact.

The custom stickers are also perfect for launching confidential promotional campaigns, for example by assigning a sticker with a thank you message or a tailored discount to a special buyer. This helps to increase the degree of loyalty, increasing the value of the brand and the way in which it is perceived by users.

The impact of custom stickers on packaging

Another reason that pushes companies to stock up on adhesives concerns the new needs in terms of packaging, in the light of a universally recognized concept that identifies the wrapping as an integral part of the quality of the product itself.

This is why we tend to brand every aspect of the package also through the insertion of personalized stickers, which often, in addition to giving the package a greater value, can be used as a seal to ensure the customer a guarantee on the integrity of the content.

Furthermore, the stickers can be applied to packaging for a wide variety of purposes, for example in catering, to distinguish different products within large orders with a touch of professionalism, or in commerce in general, for easier cataloging of packages containing items different in shape or color.

The stickers can also be used to label, to annotate or to make offers or products on sale immediately visible. Of course, with a completely customized surface, in line with the promotional needs of the brand.

The convenience of personalized stickers

Despite their versatility, custom stickers are one of the cheapest promotional forms on the market. An expense that is further reduced if you rely on, which relies on the advantages of the economy of scale for the production of its promotional products.

This allows you to create stickers by grouping multiple orders at the same time and get the best, at a fraction of the cost. All this, guaranteeing a series of economic advantages even in the presence of small order quantities and with printing processes based on proprietary technologies and in continuous innovation.

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