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Paco Rabanne One Million Men’s Fragrance

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Paco Rabanne will send off 1 Million Cologne, the most recent in the 1 Million series of scents for men, in April. 1 Million Cologne follows 2013’s 1 Million Extraordinary and 2008’s 1 Million for men. Tempting, exquisite, and enchanting. The 1 Million courteous fellow draws a large group of desirous and envious looks at any place he goes. He is playing his life as he plays poker; he is the Lord of intuitive engaging.

With 1 Million Cologne, it is presently not tied in with having. Yet about being extreme and having a good time. This new 1 Million Cologne Eau de Toilette inspires the exhilarating newness of an exciting get-together. The thrilling sprinkle of an ocean new accord and a citrus mixed drink stands out from the warm and manly sexiness of zesty Cowhide blended in with a Patchouli note. If you want more information Paco Rabanne one million then do this.

One million men’s fragrance

Created by Michel Girard, Olivier Pescheux, and Christophe Raynaud, 1 Million created a ruckus when it turned out in 2008. It was a quick achievement and young fellows of all foundations ran to get themselves a jug.

As a matter of fact, it was one of my initial significant scents as well as an inception into the olfactory universe. While my granddad would strictly wear the exemplary Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, I had the youthful and aggressive 1 Million.

As a youthful understudy in his late youngsters, I still affectionately review the commendations I would get from ladies. I was unable to accept how effective it was at that point and showered its sweet, calfskin bunch of zesty golden notes.

Presently 10 years after the fact, I’ve been to some degree put off by its fame. All things considered, it’s an incredible scent and soon it worn by incalculable men. Today, it’s my stepson’s scent of decision and I happily returned to it for a nostalgic outing through a world of fond memories with additional scientific eyes.

Gold With Latest Scent

Model Matt Gordon stars in both the print and film forms of 1 Million’s publicizing. Nearly 80% of the 10-, 20-and 30-second spots shot by Nathaniel Goldberg are bound for television with the excess 20% scheduled for cinemas. In them, Gordon moves and snaps his fingers to a Synthetic Siblings soundtrack. With each snap, an apparently supernatural thing occurs. Once, a vehicle shows up. In another example, it’s a sack of cash.

A third snap causes a lady’s dress to tumble to the ground. The promotion recorded by Darius Konji and coordinated by Paul Carnage. A print crusade is to incorporate single and twofold pages, in addition to banners.” There is an especially elegant side and all the while the promotion is very trying,” said Philly.”It doesn’t go over the top with itself; it has a ton of humor.”

Paco Rabanne Goes for Gold With Most recent Fragrance

Regardless of their level of pay, young fellows will have a shot at resembling 1,000,000 the following fall. That is thanks to Paco Rabanne Parfums’ most recent volley for the 20-to-35-year-old set, called 1 Million.

Metal has forever been the cash of decision for planner Paco Rabanne, who worked inseparably with Puig Excellence and Style Gathering — proprietor of the Rabanne mark — on the trail project. In the Sixties, for example, Rabanne imagined a dress for Françoise Strong made of nearly 20 pounds of gold and 300 carats of precious stones.

“The 1 Million story is around gold and all that it addresses concerning dream,” made sense to Vincent Thilloy, brand director for Paco Rabanne Parfums. Fashioner Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance endorsed making the flacon, which looks like a significant gold ingot. On it, the number 1 Million engraved in typeface suggestive of the Wild West.


I was viewing the scents which I’ve highlighted on the blog, and I can’t really accept that. I’ve never given this one its very own component, it’s 1,000,000 from Paco Rabanne.

It delivered back in 2008 which is the point at which I got it, thus numerous others did as well. On the off chance that this is definitely not #1 of many. It’s surely one of those fragrances which has been purchased by pretty much every man in the beyond 9 years.

I recollect a young lady saying that all men smell of 1 Million like it was something terrible, on the grounds that all folks smell something very similar. The beneficial thing about that is folks were wearing it since it was a particularly decent scent.

It was vigorously showcased, so a great deal of the standard got involved with it, nevertheless do, which isn’t exactly something terrible, after all, it is a pleasant fragrance. Be that as it may, for the scent darlings such as myself, it’s never great to possess an aroma like another person or go with the group, so I haven’t really worn this in years.

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