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Oldham Coupling, & Level Indicator: Understand Them In-Depth

HomeBusinessOldham Coupling, & Level Indicator: Understand Them In-Depth

Oldham couplings and level indicators are crucial devices used extensively in the mechanical engineering industry.

In this article, we will discuss them briefly to make you understand them better.

Oldham Couplings

You can regard Oldham Couplings as three-piece flexible shaft couplings. The couplings connect driving and driven shafts in mechanical power transmission assemblies. Moreover, the couplings also absorb shock. And, flexible shaft couplings counter parallel misalignments between connected shafts.

Oldham Coupling Design

The design of Oldham Couplings is simple. In fact, the couplings are with a flexible coupling design, consisting of identical left- and right-hand slotted elements that sandwich a slider block between them.

The design intends to make the couplings suit machines with shafts having parallel misalignment.

However, the capability of Oldham Couplings is limited by the ability to handle angular misalignment, in which two shafts intersect to create an angle instead of a straight line.

Axial misalignment occurs when two shaft ends do not meet.

The slider of Oldham Couplings is often made of polymer to facilitate motion control applications.

Oldham couplings can minimize backlash. The slider block gets pressed into the slotted mating halves, which are often constructed from aluminum to reduce inertia.

When sliding friction develops, backlash gets introduced in misaligned systems, but you can easily replace the block to restore the coupling performance.

The slider blocks are often sold separately as sacrificial elements and can be replaced with the existing hubs. Shaft attachment is mostly performed by integral clamps or keys and set screws.

Level Indicators

They are effective devices to measure fluid levels in different industrial applications. With a level indicator, you can determine the liquid level in tanks, drums, or pressure vessels.

You will find different types of level indicators to cater to your various applications.

Usually, different forms of fluids find use in various industrial industries. So, if you do not have the proper devices, you will find it challenging to determine the quantity and level of fluid stored.

At times, the liquid is stored in such a place where it is manually impossible to find the level, or the nature of the fluid is dangerous. You need to use a level indicator to find the liquid level. 

You need to use the type of level indicator suiting your application. For example, a tabular level indicator is the best fit for the process industry because of the better visual liquid level indication. Likewise, radar or ultrasonic indicators are the best fit for non-contact type level measurements.

Types of Level Indicators

You will see different types of level indicators, depending on the application:

Transparent Level Indicators

These find applications in the chemical and fertilizer industries. Transparent level indicators are convenient to determine the fluid level as the fluid is stored in high pressure and high temperature.

Reflex Level Indicators

These types are used for high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive fluids applications. In addition, due to the usage of colorless fluid, these level indicators give better visibility.

Magnetic Level Indicators

In these indicators, cylindrical floats and powerful magnets are used to find the fluid level. Magnetic capsules follow the float movement, and that indicates the liquid level.


By now, you must have understood the usage of the devices. But, you should ensure that you purchase the devices from a trusted and quality manufacturer to get quality devices. If you happen to buy sub-standard devices, it will be detrimental to your business.

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