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Most Popular Interior Design Styles You Should Know

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The list continues on and on: modern, industrial, shabby chic, and so on. Many of our clients find a big issue in describing and defining their particular interior design style due to a lack of understanding or terminology. With so many different design styles to choose from, it might be difficult to know which one will work best for you.

Learning a little about each of the styles and how they differ from one another is a fantastic place to start when planning an interior design project. Check out these styles by one of the top interior designers in Dwarka.


Coastal style, often known as Hampton’s style, is named after the famous American seaside town. Light, airy color palettes with cool neutral tones mixed with blues and greens are common. The majority of the furniture is white or beige in color.

Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam is a design style that is extravagant, over-the-top, and ostentatious. It is also known as Hollywood Regency. It’s a bold design style that’s ideal for a homeowner who likes to make a statement.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic furniture is frequently distressed or appears to be distressed, and paint has antique-style finishes. White, cream, and pastels are common Shabby Chic color palettes. Ornate light fixtures and wall hangings add to the feminine feel of shabby chic décor.


Rustic design may integrate outdoor accessories, as well as architectural aspects such as vaulted ceilings ornamented with wood beams or reclaimed wood floors.


Vintage furniture and light fixtures, globally inspired textiles and carpets, collection displays, and items found in a variety of places, such as flea markets and on vacations, can all be found in bohemian houses.

French Country

Soft and warm tones of red, yellow, or gold, as well as natural materials such as stone and brick, may be used in French Country style. Collections of beautiful porcelain dishes, as well as heavy linens and bed coverings, are examples of French Country decor.


Transitional design is popular because it incorporates elements of both classic and modern design to create a room that isn’t overly styled in one direction or the other. There’s an appealing and unexpected feeling of equilibrium.


Dark, polished wood, rich color palettes, a diversity of textures, and curving lines are all common features of traditional residences. Exquisite and intricate features can be seen in furnishings, as well as materials such as velvet, silk, and brocade, which come in a variety of patterns and textures.


The simplicity of living in the Nordic countries is reflected in this design. Even though it is modest and understated, Scandinavian furniture design frequently feels like a work of art. The furniture has numerous unique lines, many of which have a sculptural effect, as well as practicality.

Mid-Century Modern

It focuses on basic fabrications, natural or organic shapes such as the “egg-shaped” chair, and easy-to-use contemporary designs. It goes well with any interior and helps to create a smooth transition from inside to outside.


According to the best interior designers in Delhi, the minimalism approach is really popular. It takes modern design concepts and simplifies them even more.


Modern and contemporary design styles are distinguished by the fact that modern is a rigid interpretation of design that began in the twentieth century. On the other side, contemporary is more fluid and might express a sense of currency with less allegiance to a single style. Contemporary style, for example, may contain curved lines, but modern design does not.


Every element of modern design, including furniture, has a sense of simplicity. Sleek is a word that comes to mind when describing current style, and it is characterized by a lack of clutter and embellishments.

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