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Living Room Planner Online

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There are several living room planner online options to help you create your dream living room. Some of them are Amikasa, Havenly, and Bob’s 3D room planner. Here, we will look at the pros and cons of each of these tools. I hope this helps you make the best decision for your home. Enjoy! And don’t forget to share your design with others! Listed below are the top living room planner online options.


Rather than spending hours looking at a 3D model, you can use an application like Amikasa, a Webby Award-winning living room planner. Amikasa lets you pick from five different categories of furniture. Select a style, color, or type and then start adding items to your virtual room. When you’re done, you can walk through the room, and even share it with friends. Even better, Amikasa supports any brand or product, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on a furniture model.

Amikasa lets you build a floor plan of any room and redecorate it using furniture and flooring options. You can even use their color catalog to pick a theme, change the layout of your furniture, or email your finished designs to friends and family. The free app is available for iPad and iPhone and is a great alternative to Amikasa. Whether you’re decorating a small living room, a large dining room, or an entire house, Amikasa will let you plan your new home in 3D.

Bob’s 3D room planner

There are several free and paid virtual room planner options available, but Bob’s 3D room planner online is the best value for money. The program allows users to draw the floor plan of their rooms and choose from a wide range of affordable furniture and decor. Once the layout is ready, users can choose colors and furnishings and arrange them as desired. They can also share the designs with others. To find out if Bob’s 3D room planner online is right for you, read our review below.

Another free service is Decorilla. You can use their virtual interior planning service to design your room and save it to your computer. They let you import photos from various websites and upload your design. You can even print out the plan. However, if you do not have a scanner handy, it’s best to use the service of an interior decorator. Using this tool is free, so you can test out the product’s quality before buying it.

Keyplan 3D

The new home and interior designer app, Keyplan 3D, is now available for download on the Appstore. Its unique technology unleashes features never before seen in a home design app. With easy-to-use tools, Keyplan 3D helps you plan your home, decorate it and share it with your friends and family. You can design, build and decorate your home with ease, and share it with your friends and family through social media.

The Keyplan 3D app allows you to create floor plans and decorate interiors with over 350 free objects. The application lets you edit the walls and windows in 2D or 3D views. And you can share your plans and design ideas via email and social media. The app is free to download and has numerous useful features. You can use it for free to plan your home. Make sure you download it to try it before making a final decision.


The Havenly living room planner online lets you collaborate with a designer for free. To get started, you take a quiz about your personal taste and decorating goals, upload some photos of your room, and schedule a free consultation with a Havenly designer. The designer will then work with you during the entire design process, keeping your budget in mind. The designers will then send you two concepts to review and rate. If you like one, you can select the one you want, and work with the designer.

Havenly’s digital experience comes with drawbacks, including a limited number of designers in some cities. Some customers had issues with the app, claiming it was unreliable and didn’t load product images on their mobile device. Others said the interior designer didn’t respond quickly and pushed back their timelines. Others complained about the time-consuming nature of the process, but admitting that the design process was worth the extra time.


There are many free online room design tools available, but 3Dream is a popular one, and it offers a comprehensive collection of furniture, accessories, and wall treatments. The program even includes tutorials, so you can see how your finished room will look. The program is free to download and can be used for both novices and seasoned designers. The application features over 40,000 objects, including furniture, paint, wallpaper, and floor coverings.

The 3Dream program is free and offers a two-dimensional interface, but also offers a 3D view. This allows you to move around the room to see how different items look together. You can also add lighting, rugs, and accessories to your room. It is easy to plan a large number of rooms with 3Dream, and it allows you to generate detailed shopping lists for each one.

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