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Kraft Paper Tape Vs. Gummed Paper Tape: Which One Is Best?

HomeBusinessKraft Paper Tape Vs. Gummed Paper Tape: Which One Is Best?

Shopping for the best packaging tape can be a challenge. There are many options available, from duct tape to gummed paper tape to kraft paper tape, and each one offers different benefits. 

You should understand how vital packing tape is to the company. We employ it to secure boxes, safeguard pallets, and more. Additionally, since most companies prefer their customers to wait before opening the box, they need something more robust than sticky paper to secure the contents.

That’s where kraft paper tape comes in handy; We make it from recycled materials and it offers excellent adhesion properties. You can use less of it every time you apply tape around your package (and therefore save money). Additionally, it won’t stick as firmly when exposed to wet weather during shipping situations like rain showers or humidity levels above 80% thanks to its natural brown color tone and smooth feel against the skin, similar to duct tape.

Is Paper Tape More Sustainable Than Plastic Tape?

Because it is manufactured from renewable resources, paper tape is more environmentally friendly than plastic tape. Paper tape has less environmental impact than plastic tape, even though most people don’t consider its effects on their daily lives.

Paper Tape is Made From Renewable Resources

Plastic tapes are made from petroleum products and can take thousands of years to decompose in our landfills or oceans fully. Paper tapes are made from plant fibers that grow out of trees and shrubs—called “forest pulping”—and they are recycled into new materials whenever they become worn out or damaged.

Understanding the Difference Between Kraft and Gummed Paper Tapes

Kraft paper tape, known for its non-sticky properties, is a type of adhesive that we use to reinforce packaging or join objects together. Since 1949, kraft paper tape has been available; We manufacture it entirely of recycled materials. As a result, we produce no waste throughout the product’s creation, making it an environmentally beneficial product. The adhesive on kraft paper tapes doesn’t require heat to activate—apply pressure on the surface of your project and let go! Gummed paper tape is much more versatile than kraft tape because they come in different thicknesses, so you can use them for other purposes depending on what you want them for:

If you need more strength, choose gummed paper tape as it doesn’t require heat activation like conventional kraft tapes. However, remember that this type will be more efficient than standard types since it doesn’t require additional steps after application, as most other types do.

Kraft Paper Tape

We sometimes refer to self-adhesive tapes as kraft paper tape. These are made of natural polymer and set on kraft paper with a base covered with melted adhesive. There are various benefits of using kraft paper tapes:

Plastic Reduction

Using kraft or self-adhesive tapes reduces the amount of plastic used in the supply chain.


We use paper tape for advertising brands because we can easily print the brand name on the paper tape. However, we don’t only use it for promotion but also to improve the package’s general aesthetic.

The Usage of Tape is Reduced

You could need three to four pieces of plastic tape to wrap the package completely. On the other hand, Kraft tape only requires one strip of tape. But using less tape overall lowers the cost of sealing.

You might think that kraft paper tape is more affordable when compared to gummed paper tape. People think of it as environmentally friendly even though it isn’t. This is because it contains several hot, melted glue drips, which has a number of negative impacts, particularly on the environment. Another factor is that, like plastic tape, we construct kraft tape of non-recyclable synthetic adhesives. We shield the edges of the paper from the hot, melted glue by applying a coating made of silicone and polyethylene. Therefore, the layer is the main contributor to the tape’s brilliance.

Gummed Paper Tape 

In the last few years, there has been a rapid increase in the overall popularity and production of gummed kraft tape. The main reason is the use of plastic-free packaging. Apart from this, gummed tape has several advantages over being an environmental product. Gummed paper tape is manufactured using potato starch and paper, which are natural resources. It comprises natural glue, which makes it more sticky when it gets moistened. In short, it’s genuinely recyclable. 

We make the adhesive coating on the gummed kraft tape of vegetable glue, mainly potato starch, and it is thoroughly water-soluble. There is almost no solvent usage, so breaking down the gum in the recycling process is easy. So here are some benefits of the use of gummed tape:


We thoroughly moisten the glue present for adhesion on application. Therefore, it creates a bond with cardboard or carton. So the tape becomes a box part on sealing. 


People who have worked on plastic tapes can understand how the temperature can affect the overall tape quality. This can later interfere with the process of sealing. This sounds quite frustrating. But if the sealing is lost, the box can open anytime. So another primary reason for choosing gummed tape is that it is more durable and can withstand varying temperatures. It is suitable for both cold and hot temperatures.

Improved Productivity

Many researchers have shown that with gummed kraft tape, productivity increases by 20%. 


It is a cost-effective technique for sealing cartons. The tape forms a bond with cardboard or a carton box. We only require a single strip of tape to seal the boxes safely and securely.  


We make the gummed paper tape of renewable resources which can be replenished and recyclable. Many industries and firms which utilize gummed tape have found that it increases green credibility.  

Kraft Paper Tape vs. Gummed Paper Tape

If we compare the two, the best choice for a business is the gummed paper tapes. The main reason behind this is its strong strength and great adhesion property. We make the gummed tapes with completely recyclable products. 

Summing Up

There are various types of eco-friendly packaging tape available in the market. But the main ones are kraft and gummed paper tape. The properties of both the gummed and kraft paper tape are completely different. Gummed paper tape is a fantastic option for most industrial and commercial applications. It outperforms kraft paper tape in terms of tear, durability, and water resistance. We find that gummed tapes are more durable and 100% recyclable, so it’s a good fit for many businesses.

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