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Know everything about Microsoft dynamics implementation

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that combines Customer Relationship Management (CRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities into applications to work together and connect your organizations, including sales, marketing, service, commerce, and operations.

Microsoft Dynamics offers various benefits, including:

  • It shortens the sales cycle
  • Valuable insights from data
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Increase return on investment
  • Advantage of automation
  • Smooth connectivity across your information systems
  • Streamline business processes

Microsoft dynamics implementation processin anorganizationrequiresstrategic planningand preparation, and employees should be able to use it as intended.

Below are the steps for the dynamics implementation process:

  1. Start with “what” and “why.”

The first step is understanding the company’s vision, mission, and roadmap. A clear understanding will help the team to face the challenges that might come during implementation.

Once the team knows why different departments within the organization need dynamics and what all features they need to carry out day-to-day activities, then the company can establish the expected business outcome.

The company also needs to plan its present requirements and future expectations so that the project team and dynamics consultant can plan the way forward.

Dynamics with its latest features and functionalities are becoming a great prospect for growing companies. 

  • Assign a Team

The next step is to appoint the right team of employees who can contribute to the planning and execute your implementation. The team will understand the business side of the implementation too. The company needs subject matter experts from all the departments who deal with the business decisions and outcomes since they will impact by the Microsoft dynamics implementation.

These subject matter experts will be key to the success of your D365 implementation as they understand their respective business units well. They can explain requirements better and also can elaborate on the effect that the implementation will have, especially on their department.

  • Identify Goals

Once the team has been assembled, the next is to identify the goals upfront so you can plan accordingly. The company needs to define Key performance indicators (KPI) and objective and key results (OKR) metrics. This will help companies to prioritize the right use case and move projects toward success.

  • Process review

It allows them to identify and understand the skills gap so that they can plan the training program. The team can modify these processes by automating them, which results in smooth implementation.

  • Create a proper plan

Once the company knows its end goal and KPI are set, it can go ahead to make a plan. Microsoft dynamics implementation is a complicated application, and so it is important to focus on the system design, architecture, and processes.

  • Maintain clean data

Missing crucial data can have a devastating effect on a company’s efficiency; hence it is important to maintain data integrity in the defined process.

  • Test the system

The testing phase will help the project team to create documentation and training content. It will analyze the adoption rates and process completion rate.

  • Rollout and evaluate

The team needs to plan on having ongoing releases after they go on live and user feedback along the way. 

Dynamics 365 implementation partners play an important role in helping companies to run their businesses on a dynamic platform. 


Dynamic 365 cloud-based solutions will connect your organization’s departments, such as sales, marketing, service, and operations. Dynamics 365 implementation partners will help implement dynamics in the organization, helping you increase your business process and get the desired benefit. It has the ability to engage customers better, optimize the operations, and easy to use support portal.

Any business can either implement a standard EAM application like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or can hire a custom web development company who could help in delivering the application in line with your business processes.

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