These funds are available as OEICs and are primarily targeted at both retail and institutional investors in the UK.

Fund Investment Group: Alison Porter, Richard Claude and Graeme Clarke based in London and Edinburgh; Together they have over 70 years of investment experience. They will be supported by a global team of new and emerging ESG experts led by Paul Lacorsier, ESG Investment Chairman at Janus Henderson. A global panel of experts (including a dedicated analyst) and a comprehensive Management and Responsible Investor (GRI) team dedicated to this fund will access a dedicated ESG database.

The financial management team has solid environmental and sustainability evidence; This new fund builds on the success of the Janus Henderson Global Technology Leaders Fund. Since its inception in 1984, it has earned 14.4 percent returns to peers [1] compared to 11.9 percent.

The fund’s investment strategy will use a positive thematic framework to select investments; Follow the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and get at least 50 percent of your revenue from sustainable technology disciplines. The Sustainable Future Technology Fund’s sustainability goal is to ensure significant diversification, diversification from traditional technology and exposure to emerging technology companies affiliated with the United Nations SDGs; This will increase the amount of standard investment solutions available to clients.

Janus Henderson Investor Financial Manager Richard Klot said: “Clients are increasingly expecting and demanding managers to deliver positive social, environmental and financial results. We are very excited about the potential of these funds; all of ESG Capable of providing components; while global regulation and taxonomy are primarily focused on environmental sustainability, these funds seek to expand to include broader and more comprehensive social issues: technology is endless and the sector’s access to services to democracy It has a unique and important role in reaching helping, reducing inequality and improving living standards.”

Simon Hillenbrand, UK Retailer Chairman This demonstrates Janus Henderson’s commitment to meeting customer needs and moving towards a more sustainable world. “