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James Roan And His Album Power Forward

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There is a new kid on the block and his name is James Roan. He’s from Miami, Florida and he plans on staying in the rap game for a long time to come. He’s really excited for what’s to come in the near future. Working his way all the way up from nothing, his recent body of work “Power Forward” is one of the better rap albums we’ve heard in years. Not only does he prove to be lyrically skilled but his passion for different music is unmatched by anyone else at his level. His goal should be to stand out from the rest of the pack. If he can do this, we feel he can make his mark on the came and take over completely.

power forword

The album sounds as if it were released by a major label. Doing all of this on his own is very impressive while having a smaller budget at the moment. Now having his own website he plans on growing and promoting his brand even more outside of just music. This new album sounds groundbreaking, exciting, and different from anything else released this year. It features guest appearances from Beijing Baby, Lil Ominous as well as production from Enon Jacobs, Koolizm101, Jordeaux, and Stoic. It’s always amazing to hear fellow musicians work with each other and become creative enough to help one another grow.

power forword

Stay tuned and keep us with James as we are fortunate enough to watch him grow. We will be watching his progress and will stay behind him 100%.

Spotify Album Link:

The Making of Power Forward (Documentary):

Socials: IG – jamesroan_

Twitter – Jamesroan

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