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Best iTunes For the Chromebook – An Ideal Device to Use When You Are on the Go

HomeTechBest iTunes For the Chromebook - An Ideal Device to Use When You Are on the Go

In this article we are going to discuss about the best iTunes on Chromebook. There are many things that make a device unique such as its hardware capabilities, screen size and even its operating system. Some of these features are not present in every device. But Apple has made sure that it has all of these in the newest version of iOS.

Differentiate iOS devices:

It is evident that there are many things that differentiate iOS devices from other mobile devices. One of them is that it has features like multitasking. This is especially useful for those who love to use multiple applications at the same time. iOS offers you a window so that you can view multiple applications at the same time without switching from one window to another. The multitasking feature also helps in reducing the strain on the eyes.

As Apple continues to make efforts to make their products more user-friendly itunes on chromebook, they have introduced in-built apps for iOS devices. The advantage of having these apps available from the start is that it simplifies the navigation of the device and makes it easier for you to get around. With the help of the built-in dictionary and the voice recognition facility, you will be able to search for the word that you are looking for.

Creating your own iTunes library:

You can use all the features of iTunes for creating your own iTunes library. You can download all the music that you want and have it available to play on your device. It is extremely easy to add files to your iTunes library.

Apple uses WAP for sharing information between your device and Mac or PC. This is a secure way of sharing files. One can send photos from their device to their PC by just sending an email. Some of the best itunes on chromebook features include:

Latest versions of Chrome:

This facility is only available for some of the latest versions of Chrome itunes on chromebook. Only the latest Chrome versions are supported. You need to have a Google account to access all these features. You will also need to have a Gmail account. Google Chrome provides several other tools such as: Google Maps, Google+ Social, Wikipedia and many more. These tools are available free of charge.

The Google Play Store has been replaced by the Amazon Appstore. This is the third place where you can buy and download apps. You need to enter your credit card number during checkout. One can see all the titles of the apps on the store. This store has lots of apps available for free.

iTunes on Chrome:

The best iTunes on Chrome OS can only be enjoyed if you use the latest version of Chrome. If you are using an old version, then you may face a lot of problems. The feature-set of the best version of itunes on chromebook is not available on the old version of Chrome OS.

One of the major issues with the old version of iTunes is that it includes lots of annoying bugs and glitches. The bugs make the interface looks messy and chaotic. It has also a tendency to crash very often. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to use the new version of iTunes. The new version of iTunes provides a better user experience with many great features.

Notifications such as Playlist:

When you download any file from the itunes on chromebook, you will get notifications such as Playlist, Play, Repeat, Podcasts, File, Duration and Copy. All the files are downloaded into the main tab. The main tab displays the list of files loaded. Now you can move the files easily using the drag-and-drop interface. There are also several features such as transferring songs from your iPod or iPhone to the Chromebook.

One of the main issues with this device is the low-speed performance. The Chromebook cannot play high-definition audio files at the same quality as the iPod Touch. This is the reason why the developers have introduced some new features in the latest version of iTunes for the Chrome operating system. There are lots of PDF viewer features available in this application. You can easily open PDF files on your Chromebook with the help of this tool.


Apart from the PDF viewer, the latest version of itunes on chromebook also offers a lot of other useful features. You can view your entire library of files from your desktop computer using this application. It also enables you to view all the files in their native screen size using landscape orientation. The Gmail and Google+ accounts are also available in this device.

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