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Industrial chillers Manufacturers

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There are many different types of industrial chillers available today. For your particular application, you may want to choose from one of several brands. TopChiller, Frost Italy, Carrier Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric, and more are just a few of the names that come to mind. To find out more about each, read on. You may be pleasantly surprised by the selection. And you may even find a brand you’ve never heard of!

S&A Chiller

S&A Chiller offer superior cooling and heating systems for a wide range of applications. They are built using state-of-the-art technology in a dust-free workshop and meet the highest standards of quality. In addition to offering a range of cooling capacities, S&A Chiller products are available with a wide variety of compressors including Copeland and Bitzer. In addition, they offer customized options based on the customer’s needs.

S&A Chiller is an industry leader in global refrigeration technology. The company offers 20 different chiller series to suit a variety of cooling needs. With cooling capacities from a few hundred to more than 800 tons, S&A Chiller industrial chiller manufacturers have the solution to any cooling need. TopChiller has passed countless quality and environmental system certifications, including ISO9001 and 14000. The company has also implemented a state-of-the-art management system and integrated an ERP system.

Frost Italy

If you are looking for an industrial chiller, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a small chiller to keep your office cool or a big one for a large industrial plant, there is a Frost Italy product that will meet your needs. Their line of products includes heat recovery units, fan coil units, water ceiling cassettes, compact air conditioning units, and ductable systems. Despite their small size, they provide high quality products and stand behind their product guarantees.

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The variety of Industrial chiller models is huge, but you should be able to find the one that suits your needs. Choose a chiller based on noise level, temperature mode, and size. Also, consider the type of heat exchanger you need. There are several types of industrial chillers, including those with full hydro-modules, which use a pump and expansion tank to cool the liquid inside. Other options include free cooling and heat recovery.

Carrier Corporation

The company is known as a global leader in the manufacture of HVAC equipment, such as chillers and air conditioners. They offer a variety of different products, including commercial refrigeration, transport refrigeration, cryogenic cooling, and chiller controls. Their products are available in over 350 different product lines, including heat pumps, furnaces, window room air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and package thermal air conditioners. These chillers come in a variety of capacities, ranging from 11 to ten thousand kW.

The company was incorporated in the state of Delaware on October 31, 1930. It began as a conglomerate of the Carrier Engineering Corporation, Carrier Construction Company, Inc., and the W.J. Gamble Corporation, as well as several refrigeration and heating companies. The company’s growth was characterized by mergers and acquisitions, and during the 1960s, the corporation acquired a large number of international organizations.

Mitsubishi Electric

The Japanese manufacturer is best known for its air conditioning and heat pump products, but it has also branched out into the industrial cooling and refrigeration business through its purchase of DeLclima. This merger will enhance Mitsubishi Electric’s product portfolio and add value to DeLclima’s products. This deal will allow the company to expand into other areas of the cooling and refrigeration industry, as well as respond to new environmental regulations.

For example, buildings in temperate climates may have seasonal fluctuations that require them to adjust their HVAC. But Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems are able to maintain a consistent indoor temperature year-round, no matter the climate. These units are also quiet, which is a big advantage for building occupants, as they do not interrupt work. Furthermore, noise generated by air conditioning units can be a distraction. For this reason, the manufacturers of Mitsubishi Electric industrial chillers have developed models with advanced noise reduction features.

H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd

Founded in 1992, H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd is a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. The company has been committed to quality, innovation, and service. Its products have received ISO9001:2000 and BR1 certifications and have been sold to over 53 countries around the world. It is also a training base for many universities in China.

In addition to manufacturing commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, H. Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd also produces residential refrigerators, commercial freezers, and other food storage equipment. The company’s core values include “Win-Win Social Platform” and “Professional Change Through Customer Change”. The company’s focus on customer satisfaction has helped it build a strong brand in the USA.

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