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Hyperoptic: Technology enabling social housing providers to refocus back to the future

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LONDON, September 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hyperfast, the hyperfast broadband provider, today launched a new industry intelligence paper titled “The Future Housing.” future success of the industry. It was developed in collaboration with the Housing Association Charitable Trust (HACT) and conducts literary reviews and interviews with fifteen community housing companies and surveys 250+ decision makers among community housing providers.

The white paper identifies three ways in which technology integrated into homes and communities can create value and issues in the community housing sector. It begins by delineating the current challenges facing community housing providers in adapting to the changes implemented due to the pandemic. According to research respondents, nearly two-thirds (63%) faced fewer resources, while more than half (57%) experienced high demand for services and more than half (57%) experienced cuts. in funding.

It explores where connected technology can provide value to the community. A third (34%) of community housing decision makers said the pandemic was the biggest motivation to incorporate smart technologies (34%), followed by residents (31%) and engagement with lease maintenance (31%) increased.

The white paper also provides direct examples of how smart technology can directly improve tenant quality and access to services; By better equipping social organizations to provide better housing, services and better decision-making. It outlines the best smart technologies that community leaders plan to deploy over the next 12 months.

Smart Asset Tracking Device (51%)
Smart Thermostats (49%) Life Assistance Technologies (46%)
Fire Protection Equipment (44%)
Smart Meters (38%)
The future will look at how housing community organizations and other key stakeholders can meet the challenge of implementing new types of technologies, and consider the role of collaboration and investment in broader infrastructure. The research found that the best cross-section pilots were hired by community providers including waste management (50%), e-health utilities (50%), air quality (48%) and online education programs (48%) .

Liam McAvoy, MD, Business Development, HyperOptic: “The community has made significant changes over the past eighteen months in the need for social addition providers to launch digital engagement programs. And improve quality of life. Overcoming barriers, risks and opportunities. Important recommendations for overcoming the challenges of achieving and deploying new technologies.”

James Williams, Housing Association Charitable Trust (HACT), President of Social Impact: Having a high level of vision is the first step in establishing an informed approach to getting investors into the right technology to solve real problems for residents and communities . ”

Last year Hyperoptic developed the industry’s first digital associated social value calculator in conjunction with HACT, which is now used by community housing providers in the UK to analyze the true social value of hyperfast broadband and, importantly, improve social outcomes in underdeveloped areas. is done to.

about hyperopic

HyperOptic was founded in 2011 to shake up the UK broadband market by using “full” fiber optic technology. It offers consumers and businesses broadband with gigabit capacity of up to 900 Mbps, which is 11 times the UK average.

It designs and installs fiber infrastructure for property owners, developers and professionals, new buildings and improvements to existing ones. It focuses only on urban areas with high density.

The company was awarded “Best Superfast Broadband” by the Internet Providers Association, having been in operation for six years. It was listed on the Sunday Times’s Take Track 100 for four consecutive years. Last year it won both “Fastest Ultrafast Provider (Download)” and “Fastest Ultrafast Provider (Upload)” and “The Service Award” and “Innovation Award” through the Broadband Genie Awards.

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