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Do you want to perform TP Link AC750 setup or update its firmware? No matter what you want to do with your TP Link WiFi extender, logging in to it via is necessary. But, what if you get not working issue? No worries! Google did the right job. It redirected to here! This tutorial can help. Here, you will get the best TP Link troubleshooting tips to fix not working issue. Keep reading!

Note: We will take TP Link AC750 extender as an example in this tutorial. Why? For your better understanding!

Fix: Not Working

Fix 1: Reboot Your TP Link Extender

Technical glitches can also lead to not working issue. To get it fixed, just reboot the extender.

Here’s how to reboot the extender:

  • Disconnect TP Link extender and router.
  • Turn off the TP Link WiFi extender
  • Unplug it and wait for some time
  • Plug in your TP Link extender back

Done with rebooting the extender? Fab! Now, try to access again. Is the web address working? No? Fret not! The tutorial hasn’t ended yet. We still have a couple of more hacks for you to implement. Keep scrolling down!

Fix 2: Enter Correctly

Cross-check! Make sure that you have entered it correctly. Do not commit typing errors and do not use the search bar. Please keep these points into consideration prior to hitting the Enter key.

Note: Make sure that you have access to the extender’s WiFi prior to accessing

Still no luck? Be patience! The not working issue will get resolved shortly. Just update your internet browser, clear all the browsing history, and once you are done, restart the device you are using to access

Bear in mind – the device you are using to access must have the latest version of software installed on it.

Once you are done applying the second fix, you will have no issues while accessing, isn’t it.

If not working issue is still spinning your head, then without getting irritated, try the next tip highlighted below. Don’t worry, we assure you that by the end of this tutorial, you will surely have the fix in hand for not working issue.

Fix 3: Verify Cable Connection not working issue can persist if there is a loose cable connection between your extender and router. Moreover, use of faulty Ethernet cable can also be a cause behind not working issue. So, to get rid of not working issue, please use a working Ethernet cable and make a solid connection between the devices.

Fix 4: Bring Router and Extender Closer

Once you have ensured a strong Ethernet connection between your extender and router, the next thing that you have to take care of is the distance between them.

Bear in mind – the distance between your TP Link extender and router must not be too much. Otherwise, their WiFi signals will clash and will continue to give not working issue.

So, the distance between them should be 30 feet. But, take that they are not placed more than 60 feet.

Note: We suggest you place your existing router openly. Why? Because its WiFi signals are very important for your extender to work well. And, if your extender is not receiving active signals from your router, then you will get not working issue. Moreover, we also suggest you contact your ISP. Why? Because slow or poor internet connectivity can cause not working issue. Chances are that the issue is from your ISP end and it is not letting to work for you. So, ask the service provider to fix internet-related issues (if any) as soon as possible.

Fix 5: Take Care of WiFi Interference

If your TP Link WiFi range extender is placed near to kitchen appliances, electronic or WiFi devices, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, metal objects, reflexive surfaces, and Alexa devices, change its location right away.

Once you are done keeping your TP Link extender away from the mentioned obstructions, try tp log in to your device again using

Can we hope that the TP Link troubleshooting tips we have provided in this tutorial were helpful? Your one feedback can help many TP Link extender users across the globe. And, if you have any other tip in mind for fixing not working issue, you are free to share that as well.

Thank you by heart for reading and applying the fixes provided in this tutorial!

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