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How You Should Choose Mechanic Clothes

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Mechanic Clothes: If we were asked what the clothes of a mechanic are almost all of us would associate them with the typical   blue work overalls.

And it is that this garment has a good reason to be used in these working environments, it is comfortable, resistant and provides adequate protection.

But, nevertheless, it is not the only garment that these professionals use. In this article we will detail what the uniform of a mechanical workshop is and why they should wear it for the protection of the different risks to which they are exposed.

Why it is essential to wear the correct uniform for a mechanical workshop

At this point, it is not surprising that we continue to stress the importance of wearing suitable clothing for any job. And in this regard, mechanic clothing cannot be less for those people who work in a repair shop. For two reasons, the first and most important for your safety and the second because a correct uniform contributes to a good brand image.

The uniform in a mechanical workshop must be comfortable and must have the necessary security to avoid the inherent risks of the activity. For example, you must have the appropriate safety shoes to avoid slips that can be caused by the grease and oil that the floor usually has.

But in addition, it should be of the necessary quality to withstand the hard work days. It should be designed to withstand contact with tools or with chemical products and elements that can easily wear it down.

Failure to wear overalls or other suitable clothing can lead to injuries, slips or chemical abrasions. Therefore, a suitable work suit will not only provide safety, but also comfort and the appropriate brand image for a mechanical workshop. Let’s see which garments are the most used.

How should mechanic clothes be?

Regardless of the multitude of designs and colors that can be found in mechanic clothing, these are the recommended garments in this work activity.

Overalls for mechanics

The main characteristic that works overalls for mechanics must have been that they are made with good fabric.

In these places, there are no high risks of exposure to fire, so as long as it is made of good fabric, has good breathability, provides comfort, and if it is possible that it is easily washable, it is more than enough.

The most typical mechanical workshop overalls are the blue ones that we can see in most of these places. They are usually in one piece, whole or with straps and are comfortable, ergonomic and very resistant.

But that does not mean that mechanics cannot wear other types of clothing on the body. You can also find a mechanic shop uniform made up of shirts or pants. In these cases, these are the characteristics that they should have:

Multi- pocket pants are recommended as they help in carrying the tools.

Polo shirts or t-shirts are a good option, as they provide comfort and also freshness. Its use is recommended with multi-pocket vests for the same reason as in the previous point.

As for the fabric, it will always be better to choose cotton than polyester because of its high protection against fire.

mechanic gloves

Safety gloves are widely used in these work environments as they protect against mechanical risks. Those made of water-repellent grain leather are perfect for protection against liquids and humidity.

Security shoes

It has already been mentioned above that one of the main risks in workshops is slipping or sliding due to grease or liquids that may be on the floor. For this reason, the recommended footwear kapton workwear for mechanics is that classified as safety type S2 or S3. These models are highly slip resistant and offer protection against penetration and absorption of water.

Extra protections

It is very normal to work in workshops in contact with numerous toxic or chemical substances. For this reason, within the mechanic’s clothing it is usually very common to use PPE such as masks, helmets, reflective vests, headphones, earmuffs and protective glasses that provide safety to other parts of the body.

In short, the ideal mechanic clothing should be one that protects against the most specific risks of this activity. Among them we find slips, falls, blows, exposure to chemical products, etc. And it must also be as ergonomic as possible so that workers carry out their activity with the greatest possible comfort.

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