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How to Send And Receive Faxes From Gmail?

HomeTechnologyHow to Send And Receive Faxes From Gmail?

Hearing the name of Fax, you must be thinking about the old days when any official documents were sent or received through fax immediately. There is no other option to send quick messages anywhere if it is urgent. A heavy fax machine was installed in offices or markets to send a message in an emergency. You may be wondering who faxes anymore.

Today sending a fax to someone seems an outdated way to communicate, but is still reliable as it is free from any type of hacks and stealing of data.

You need to fax someone to make them informed instantly or any confidential data that you want to send, then you may be considering if, can I send a fax from my Gmail.

The answer is yes, you can do it.  But don’t worry about the setup of such heavy machines to fax someone.  Thanks to the Internet because everything is possible with the help of it in recent times and you can send a fax using your Gmail too. 

Let’s explore the ways how to send fax from Gmail, in the given post.

How to Send Fax From Gmail

Sending or receiving fax via Gmail has not required any rocket science, and it is pretty simple as sending an email to the recipient.

Gmail has an amazing feature “email to fax” that allows you to send or receive fax from Gmail with any of your devices. You need to get the most authentic fax service that you can use to send faxes.

Follow the steps to send a fax from Gmail

  • Log in to your Gmail account and click on “Compose” email
  • Here click on a “+” button on the bottom left corner of your new mail
  • Now you find add-ons to send a fax. Choose Fax. Plus 
  • A small window for fax plus will open
  • Here you need to create an account on Fax.Plus or can continue with your Gmail account
  • Now start composing your mail, 
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number on the given field
  • Attach the files that you want to fax as an email attachment and the body of the mail as the fax cover sheet
  • Now hit the “Send” button as a regular email

That’s all, now you can send a fax from your Gmail to the recipient.

How to Receive Fax From Your Gmail

For receiving a fax from the sender you need a virtual number that is provided by the online fax services. You can pick any of the third-party apps that offer fax services and create an account on that. They will assign you a Google fax number, along with ensuring the security of the data, and is the way to receive a fax from any sender. Send the number to the sender and you will get a fax directly in your inbox in PDF or TIF format. 

After delivering the fax from the sender’s server, it will automatically be converted into PDF and then sent to you. 

For more information must visit the site once.

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