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How To Sell Your Music On iTunes, Spotify & 100’s of Streaming Services (2023)

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Once you have a strategy for making your music public, you need to make it easy for fans to find it. To create momentum for music, estimate your efforts and plan the timing before releasing it.

Once your plan is drawn, prepare all necessary communication, photos, and videos. Things will begin to move quickly. To maximize your release, an organization is essential.

Start by identifying a few phases that will sell your single or album. You will need to raise money to build excitement for your new music and strengthen your relationships with your followers. It might look like the below:

To Sell Your Music, Create a Strategy

You will need to develop a music-marketing strategy. Remember to consider the places you have selected from the list above to sell music online. Also, think about where your fans will be able to access it.

It’s crucial to create a timeline and put your music on iTunes will keep you on target and help you reach your selling and promoting music goals. A clear picture of the music you wish to sell should be your first step. Next, sketch out when you intend to release singles.

Engage Your Followers

Once you know the timeline you need to follow to sell your music on Amazon, you will want to engage your fans. The key is to get started early enough to be able to invest your time in creating a journey with fans.

Tell your fans that you have new music and plan promotion around recording, producing, and seeing your songs through. Use some of your new songs as an example and put your music on Tidal. Keep in touch with your followers and send them photos to document the process.

Create a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is the best way for preorders to be set up. You can start a crowdfunding campaign from your website.

Your album will be funded by adding perks. You’ll also better know how many CDs or vinyl you need. Crowdfunding your album is a great method to get your community excited about your new release.

Make Preorders

You should ensure your album is available for presale, regardless of whether it has been crowdfunded. This will give you another opportunity to tell your fans about the music. It also allows you to invite others who have yet to participate in the crowdfunding campaign for your album to be purchased.

Make a preorder to increase your revenue. The pre-sales stage is where you are engaging your biggest fans. This could be your website to collect email addresses. MusicDigi is one example. You’re making less; they will keep your valuable customer email private. To sell your digital music, you will need to use a music distributor.

You can also explore other options during the prerelease stage. For example, you are releasing your music early to Spotify. Or using a platform to create Spotify pre-save or audio ads. Find out the best way to release a single.

Let Your Album Be Released

When the album is completed, distribute it to fans who preordered. After the album is complete, release it to your fans. Get your music on Spotify is one of the most acute steps for artists and bands to share their songs with a wider audience. With hundreds of millions of users, Spotify is becoming a key player in the digital music landscape and an important platform for reaching listeners around the globe.

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