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How to prepare for the GK section for MBA entrance exams?

HomeEducationHow to prepare for the GK section for MBA entrance exams?

Several MBA entrance examinations, like CAT, MAT, CMAT, XAT, SNAP, IIFT, etc., have a separate section on General Awareness. This section can be further divided into two categories, Static GK and Current GK. Broadly speaking, Static GK consists of areas that do not change over time, and Current GK is the latest news happening in the world. 

GK is a section feared by most MBA aspirants due to the unfamiliarity of the topics involved. But it is nothing to be worried about; you can easily crack it if you stick to a plan and are focused throughout the journey. Let’s discuss how to prepare Gk for MBA exams. 

Preparing for Static GK 

Economy: Economy is one of the most important topics in GK, and you can expect 5-10 questions from this topic in all MBA entrance exams. This topic can be divided into two parts; World Economy and Indian Economy. In the World Economic, you can expect GK questions related to the decisions and important meetings of global economic organizations like the IMF, WTO, WB, and the recently formed organizations, e.g., NDB, AIIB, etc. Keep track of major highlights of such organizations.

For the Indian Economy, keep a note of major economic and financial decisions of the union government, with a special focus on the recently released budget. Also, the various macro-economic indicators like inflation, GDP, etc., are important.

Indian Politics: You can expect questions on recent bills, constitutional amendments, landmark decisions passed by the court, etc. New appointments at the higher hierarchy in the levels of government are important. Questions may be asked on any social sector scheme or any committee established by the government of India in recent times.

Business & Corporate News: This section is very important from the SNAP and IIFT exams’ perspectives. You can expect questions from recent mergers and acquisitions, the news about the multinational companies, and what they are investing in and opting out. Also, new appointments at top positions of global companies feature in the exams.

Science & Technology:   In this, focus more on questions related to recent achievements in Science related to space, communication, defense, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, IT, etc. Questions asked are generally of elementary level, but you’ll find 2-5 questions from this section in various MBA entrance examinations.

Sports: In sports, you can find questions on major national and international level tournaments held across the countries like the World cup, Olympics, etc. Learn about recent trophies and recognition to Indian players. 

People in News: You can expect questions on important persons in the news for various reasons. Thus, keep track of the newly appointed presidents of the countries, authors of recently released books, recipients of various national and international awards, etc. 

Geography: You can learn common geographical features from India and across the world. 

Miscellaneous: This is a vast topic, and questions that cannot be categorized under any topic falls under this umbrella, like some cultural festivals of India, major international day celebrations, Indian foreign policy, important events and movies, etc. 

Preparing for Current Affairs

Current affairs preparation in any entrance exam is an ongoing process. You have to keep your eyes open for everything that’s happening across the globe. Prepare well for the current affairs as 40-50% of any GA section will comprise questions on this topic. There is no shortcut to preparing for current affairs aside from keeping updated with the latest news. To do so, you must read newspapers and magazines daily other than watching the news on TV or other social media platforms. 

Read newspapers thoroughly for political and business-related articles and keep a good watch on major events in the fields of Economy, Corporates, Global Events, Sports, etc., in the last year. 

Reading is the best method; however, you can watch several informative TV channels like Discovery, NatGeo, History Channel, National Geography, etc. Questions from these topics are very common in the IIFT exam. 

Some ways to improve your GK preparation are:

  • Several video tutorials are available that cover important current affairs and events on the internet. They are easily accessible through several sources across the internet.
  • A set of documents, called Business Awareness Documents, consists of important questions relating to the business environment of several companies and organizations, which may help you cover all the important points from the business area. 
  • Focus on Static GK and memorize it thoroughly. 
  • Take GK quizzes and tests to understand the type of questions asked in the exam and know where you stand so you can work on your weaker areas.
  • Look for past years’ papers and sample papers to get an idea about the type of question asked, and prepare accordingly.
  • Keep track of the current affairs to stay updated with the happenings around the country and on a global level.
  • And finally, Practice is the key to success. One should practice as much as possible, which could be the deciding factor for these exams.


The aspirants clearly know that the GK section is one of the most important sections in several entrance exams and cannot be ignored. Considering the variety of areas in this section, the best way is to keep yourself updated on the current happening across the globe. Remember, reading newspapers and practicing mock tests is the key to crack the General Knowledge section in any exam. Be disciplined, focused, and you’ll achieve your target!

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