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How to massage the head quickly and effectively relieve headache

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Why does massage help relieve headaches?

First, let’s find out why head massage is so effective!

Headache is one of the manifestations of many different diseases from mild to severe. As eyestrain, stress, lack of blood circulation in the brain, degeneration of the body, herniated discs in the cervical spine… In Eastern medicine, headaches are classified as headaches.

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The cause of this syndrome is largely due to foreign evils: wind, cold, test, low, apple, fire entering the body. The rest is due to internal factors, internal factors such as dehydration, lack of sleep, sadness … that cause disease.

The head massage works on the acupressure mechanism and helps to relax the mind. The impact on the acupuncture points on the head and face area will help open the blocked blood vessels. At the same time with gentle finger action will bring a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Helps the spirit to recover quickly, improve mood, sleep, … Thereby reducing pain symptoms in the head area.

11 ways to massage your head to relieve headaches quickly

Before performing a head massage to relieve headaches, lie flat on the bed. Relax your body and relax for 1 to 2 minutes. Then perform the following massage combined with acupressure. Note that the movement needs to be decisive, correct technique to achieve the best effect.

Massage the temples and back of the neck – a quick and effective way to relieve headaches

  • Step 1: Close your hands, place your fingertips in the temples on both sides.
  • Step 2: Gently rub and rub from the temple area, behind the ears to the nape of the neck.

Repeat 3-5 times to help relieve pain in the temples, and no longer have headaches.

Massage the top of the head

  • Step 1: Place your hands on your forehead, palms facing in.
  • Step 2: Run your hands diagonally from between the eyebrows to the forehead and to the top of the head.
  • Step 3: Use the middle finger of the hand to gently press the baihui point at the top of the head.
  • Step 4: Run along the edge of the hair to the temples and gently rub this area with your fingers.

When massaging the top of the head, you should combine with the following acupressure methods to increase the effect:

  • Step 1: Hold your fingers on either side of your temples.
  • Step 2: Place two thumbs on top of each other at a position about 2.5cm from the top of the head. Keep your finger pressed in that position for 2-3 minutes. Then gently massage the entire head.

Massage two symmetrical points under the eyebrows

  • Step 1: Use two index fingers to place two symmetrical points below the top of your eyebrows.
  • Step 2: Use gentle force to press and massage these two points with circular motion.

Do it for about 1 minute for quick headache relief. This headache-reducing head massage also helps treat sinusitis, rhinitis, and runny, stuffy nose effectively.

Massage to increase blood circulation

  • Step 1: Place your palms face down on your forehead.
  • Step 2: Gently rub your hands from the middle of your forehead to the sides, stopping at the temple.

Repeat the movement 6 times to help blood circulation better, relieve headaches quickly.

Full head massage

  • Step 1: Comb your hair with your hands a few times, from front to back.
  • Step 2: Place your fingers together in the forehead area. Massage starting from the edge of the hair and gently press up to the top of the head, to the back of the neck until the entire head is gone.

Should combine twisting a small curl on the index finger to both massage and pull gently. This will provide faster pain relief.

In addition, you can also apply the following method to massage the entire head

  • Step 1: Close four fingers and place them on the occipital bone (the concave bone at the back of the neck).
  • Step 2: Start massaging from this area to the back of the head in a spiral motion.
  • Step 3: Use a spiral motion to continue massaging the entire scalp, then stop.

Repeat the movement several times, continuously for several minutes. This headache relief head massage helps you to overcome pain in all areas of the head. Helps blood circulation better, relaxes and makes you much more alert.

Ear massage

The impact on the ear area also indirectly reduces headaches. You just need to use your index finger and thumb to gently squeeze the ears, from the earlobe to the top of the ear. Repeat twice before moving on to the next pain relief head massage.

Acupressure points

This is the fastest and most popular way of acupressure massage to relieve headaches. The pressure point is located between your eyebrows. Just use a pressure on this acupuncture point for 1 minute with a moderate force.

Impact on this point helps the headache disappear quickly. It also improves eye fatigue and pain.

Neck, neck and shoulder massage

Headaches are often accompanied by stiff neck and shoulder symptoms. So when impacting on the nape of the neck will also help reduce headaches. You should sit comfortably and then follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Place both hands on the ears, fingers pointing towards the back of the neck.
  • Step 2: Use 4 fingers to act on the back of the neck in a movement like playing a piano. Repeat 36 times continuously for faster pain relief.
  • Step 3: Put the two thumb tips into the Feng Shu point (both sides of the cervical vertebrae). Then gently push down the shoulder and vice versa 20-30 times.
  • Step 4: Perform the same movement as above from the acupoint of Phong Phu (middle of the neck) down to the end of the nape of the neck.

Head massage to sleep, relieve headache

This is a simple head massage that helps relieve headaches and makes you relax and fall asleep easily.

  • Step 1: Rest your head comfortably on a soft pillow to relax as much as possible
  • Step 2: Place 2 index fingers on the middle part of the temple so that the 2 fingers are proportional to each other
  • Step 3: Slowly massage gently, using your fingertips to rotate and brush your fingers to the tip of the eyebrows
  • Step 4: Gently press the acupoint at the tip of the eyebrow for 2 minutes and pull 2 ​​fingers back to the temple

You can combine this easy head massage with essential oils or hot oils to relieve pain and fall asleep more easily. This method is extremely suitable for people who suffer from persistent headaches and insomnia for a long time.

You can combine temple massage and facial relaxation
You can combine temple massage and facial relaxation

How to massage the celestial pillar located at the back of the neck

The celestial pillar is located at the back of the neck, below the skull, and between the longitudinal neck muscles. Massage Thien Pil will help you quickly relieve headaches immediately. This is a way to massage away headaches that grandparents often apply.

  • Step 1: Use 2 index fingers or can at the same time combine index and middle fingers together, slowly press on 2 acupuncture points at the same time
  • Step 2: Gently rub your fingers to create an upward pressure line on the top of your head and hold 2 fingers for 20 seconds
  • Step 3: Relax your body for 5 seconds and continue to massage and repeat the massage movements as above

This is a way of massage that not only relieves headaches, but also relieves shoulder, neck and back pain quickly. You should apply 2-3 times a week for maximum effect.

Pressing on the acupoint at the back of the neck helps relieve headaches and shoulder pain
Pressing on the acupoint at the back of the neck helps relieve headaches and shoulder pain

How to massage acupressure points on the hand

The fusion point is located between the index finger and thumb on the palm of the hand. Acupressure massage will help you relieve headaches and neck pain. This is an effective head massage to relieve headaches. Besides, if you often have muscle tension or chronic insomnia, pressing acupressure will help you relax and fall asleep easier.

  • Step 1: Relax the palm as much as possible by combining the movement of grasping and spreading the palm 5-10 times
  • Step 2: Using the index finger and thumb of the left hand, press firmly on the acupuncture point on the right hand and hold for 10 seconds
  • Step 3: Continue to use the tip of the thumb and index finger to gently massage on the acupoint in a circle from right to left
  • Step 4: Continue to repeat the above massage steps for about 5-10 minutes for optimal effect

You can do the massage several times a day to get rid of the headache as quickly as possible. In addition, if you have insomnia, you can combine with massage therapy and aromatherapy to reduce stress and sleep more deeply.

Pressing on acupressure points on the hand helps relieve headaches effectively
Pressing on acupressure points on the hand helps relieve headaches effectively

How to massage all the headaches from the temple to the point of India

The temporal point is located between the eyebrows and under the eyes, while the pressure point is located between the two eyebrows. To promote the effect of the temples and blood pressure to the maximum, you can do it 3-4 days a week or whenever a headache occurs.

  • Step 1: Put 2 index fingers into the temple at the corner of the eye, gently press and slowly move along the pressure point
  • Step 2: Stop and gently press on the acupuncture point for 10 seconds
  • Step 3: Return to the temple and repeat the steps above

When applying this method, you should note that during the massage process, you must use gentle, slow and limited force so that the nail tip presses on the skin causing pain. You can combine massage with wind oil to relax and increase the effectiveness of headache relief.

Massage from the temple point to the point of pressing the right way
Massage from the temple point to the point of pressing the right way

Is massage therapy for headaches harmful to health?

This movement will help warm the neck and neck area, reduce stiffness, pain, and fatigue. Increase blood circulation and improve headaches, neck and shoulders. You can do it regularly to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

How to massage the head to reduce headaches according to the principle will not cause harm to health. But with the right technique and moderate impact. All must be manipulated gently, so that the force penetrates deeply from light to strong and vice versa.

If done in a hurry, through speakers, wrong technique, wrong acupuncture points, too strong force … will make health seriously affected. Light causes more pain to the head, causing skin abrasions, and severe damage to the head area.

Therefore, if you want to perform this treatment method, it is best to find a reputable treatment facility. Such as hospitals, massage centers, large reflexology with practice certificates. Only in this way can you ensure your own safety.


The above are the most effective and popular ways of head massage to relieve headaches . Use this remedy for quick pain relief without medication. But if you have frequent or severe headaches, you should see your doctor. Because headaches can be one of the symptoms of dangerous diseases.

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