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How to Like Instagram Stories and How to See Who Liked Yours

HomeTechHow to Like Instagram Stories and How to See Who Liked Yours

With the addition of likes, Instagram is not only giving users more ways to interact with stories, but it hopes to make creators’ inboxes more manageable. That is because instead of scrolling through their inbox to see which viewers “liked” a story, creators can simply go to a story’s view sheet to see the data. Here is what else you need to know about story likes — including how they work. The gesture has become automatic. We scroll (scroll) his Instagram feed and click twice to like (like) the photo. One day, we look for the photo of the funny little cat and there, it is the drama. Impossible to get my hands on. However, on Instagram, nothing disappears. A history of all photos liked by the user is hidden in the app settings. Here is how to get there.

On the mobile application, you have to go to your profile page and click on the three parallel lines located at the top right of the screen. You must then access the “settings” then the “account” tab and finally, the “posts you like”.  The photos are not classified according to their date of publication but according to the date on which the user liked the content, in reverse order. For frenzied likers, this is not the best solution to keep interesting photos because they end up drowned in the middle of all the others.

Instagram, however, offers a function to create “collections”, which could be likened to photo albums. To save an image, just click on the icon symbolizing a bookmark at the bottom right of the photo. The saved images are then accessible in the main menu (symbolized by the three parallel lines), then in the “Saved elements” tab.The first method you can use to figure out how to see someone’s latest Instagram followers is the “Followers” ​​section. In fact, you should know that from this menu you would be able to see all the accounts that a person follows, even if it is not always in chronological order.

The list of followers on Instagram is sorted in descending chronological order: people you have followed recently are at the top of the list. The first people you followed creating your Instagram account are at the bottom of the list. Simply tap on the heart icon that was at the bottom of the main Instagram screen and swipe left to right to access the Follow tab already. You will therefore be able to see in detail the likes (all) added by friends, those you follow, to the photos and videos of others.

To how to see someone’s activity on Instagram, go to instant messaging (Direct messages), via the icon at the top right of the screen (paper plane). The list of your subscribers appears with their profile picture, accompanied or not by a green dot. The presence of this green dot indicates that it is online. The order in which subscribers appear is based on the date of your last interaction with them.

However, there is one condition to have access to this information: the “online status” of your account must be activated. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the statuses of your subscribers (or people with whom you had a direct chat). The fact of not activating your online status also prevents your subscribers from knowing your status, which increases your confidentiality, but to the detriment of knowing the status of your subscribers,it’s give and take! You can know the status of your subscribers provided they could know yours. Also, note that it is possible to display private Instagram accounts.

As indicated above, if the user has not checked the “online status display” option, it is not a priori possible to know his status. There are a few tricks to work around this, for example by looking at the date their last Story was posted (although Instagram hides viewers of your Stories after 24 hours of posting), or their last post in general, the posts that they liked (easy to see if you have mutual friends); a Google search can also give you access to photos, comments with the specific username.


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