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How to improve your social life?

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Humans are social animals. We need social relationships to function, regardless of whether you identify as an introvert or an extrovert. While it is easier for children to forge friendships, everything gets hard with adulthood, including, making friends.

Struggling with making friends

Just because you do not have enough friends does not mean that you are a bad or a boring person. There are many reasons that you might struggle with making friends, and addressing these factors is important for making social connections.

Some people shave a hard time because they are not in the right place; their present company is not someone they can gel with. There is also the matter of not having enough social contact; with COVID-19 and social distancing, it’s harder to run into people, especially when you are working from home.

In certain cases, the lack of friendships comes from shyness, or social anxiety. Just because you want to make friends does not mean that you are comfortable in social settings. Your Psychiatrist in Lahore can help you address this problem.

Other factors why you may be struggling with making friends is because you move around a lot, which does not give you ample time to make friends. Or, you might be pushing too hard to make friends, coming off as clingy instead of friendly.

Some people have trust issues, due to which they have a lot of acquaintances, but no friends.

Benefits of active social life

Friendships are important for surviving in this hard world. Good friends provide emotional support and help through difficult times. Moreover, friends also are also important for happiness; according to studies, people who are extroverts are happier.

Moreover, friendships also help in reducing stress. The quality time spent with friends helps in destressing and taking break from the rut of life. Friends also provide an ear for all the work and life-related rants. They also provide with perspective during different phases of life.

Making new friends

If you struggle with making friends, you are not the only one. Here are some tips that you can use to make friends:

Initiate talk

If you like someone from afar, their energy or perhaps their aura, you initiate a conversation with them. Go over and introduce yourself. It’s ok if they do not respond to their advances; maybe the next person will.

Join a club

One great way to run into people who share similar interests as you is by joining a club. Be it a reading club or sports, you already know of one interest that is common between you and others, and you can build on it to forge friendships then.

Ready for rejection

Friendships are also trial and error. You may not always connect with every person that you meet, but that’s okay. Some people might not return your cordial advances, but do not let that deter you.

Be open to different people

Be open minded. Try to get acquainted with different people, and do not write them off simply because of superficial matters. You never know, you might hit off most with the person you least likely thought to be friends with.

Give compliments

People like positive energy, and one way to exude it is by giving people compliments. It also helps them feel appreciated.

Step out of your comfort zone

Perhaps it’s all the Hollywood meet-cute moments that have us under the misconception that people will notice and pursue us, despite our stoic disposition. But that’s very likely not to happen.

While it’s understandable that your stoniness is a façade to safeguard against your shyness or social anxiety, but it is important that you address these problems. You might have to step out of your comfort zone, and in severe cases, may also need assistance from an expert like a Psychiatrist in Karachi to address your social anxiety.


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