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How to Get New Twitter Followers (Reloaded with Tricks)

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I have updated the post on how to get new followers on Twitter. Check the new article: Seguidores Twitter. The game’s rules have changed a bit in the last three years.

I believe that vacation times are perfect for closing the gap with the competition. It is clear that the disconnection is necessary, but it seems that the country is closed for three months in summer. 

In my case, I will not go for more than two weeks of vacation, and the rest of the time, I will be working, optimizing, and innovating as if there were no tomorrow, hahaha.

Readers who have been with me since the beginning and have a good memory will remember that I have already touched on getting followers in this article: Curtidas Twitter

Since 2012, Twitter has dramatically changed the matter, and it was time to make an updated version of that post.

Techniques not so recommended

Many things work, but not all of them work. If all you want is to increase your ego, you can focus on the number of followers you get; it can help you. In case you want to use Twitter as a marketing tool, either to strengthen your image or drive traffic to your sites, things change a bit.

Follow and Unfollow

This is probably the most popular technique to get new followers. The good thing is that it usually has results. According to some studies, about 20% of those you start following give you back. 

The bad thing is that the subsequent interaction will not always be what you expect. To the 80% that do not mind you, you do the following unfollow to repeat the same action repeatedly with the same result. 

People are not stupid and realize who the users who apply this technique are.

Therefore, someone who would still follow you under normal conditions would no longer do so because of the bad feeling that seeing you follow and unfollow 3 or 4 times in a month has generated. 

Aggressively applying this technique can also result in penalties and account closure. It is essential to respect the Twitter rules whenever you want to be serious about a profile; it is not a test one.

Purchase of followers

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen an account increase its followers overnight. If you think about it, this is a bit embarrassing because it is doubtful that a person with 1,000 followers today will have 50,000 tomorrow. 

Although this seems like common sense, there are always people who want to go faster and do not fall for these obvious things.

Apart from the level of interactions going to be zero, the new followers that start following your account will be mainly from India, China, Pakistan, the United States, and other countries with which a Spanish speaker probably does not have as many relationships. 

This will make it more obvious to other users that this is a case of purchased followers.

Profile Settings

Few people have started giving too much importance to profile settings except for the photo that, on average, if chosen a little more carefully, some fundamental aspects are neglected.

Quondos’ Twitter account header and profile

Names for twitter

You wouldn’t be the first to want to change your Twitter account name. You’d rather be in good company. 

Although for internal SEO within Twitter (we will talk about this in more detail later), it is better to use a generic word such as “@marketingonline” or similar, I recommend you use your name

In my case, I have been lucky enough to sign up early and be able to use “@carlosbravo.” If I had been busy, I probably would have chosen alternatives like “@cbravo,” “@cabravo,” or “@carlosbravos” (my second surname is Sánchez).

Photos and backgrounds

The photo you choose may say more about you than you think. Choose it carefully so as not to screw it up. Depending on your objectives on Twitter, you should choose something more professional or closer (or even combine both aspects in the best of cases).

  • Profile picture: the ideal is to choose a photo that shows your face without sunglasses or similar; in another case, that could give the feeling that you want to hide something.
  • Header image: Many choose a landscape photo. You don’t always have to use pictures from professional image banks because they can give you a personal touch (especially if you find yourself in it).
  • Background image: do not look at my profile because I have it a little neglected. My recommendation would be essential. Use something more or less neutral that doesn’t clash with the header image. I don’t give it much importance because it doesn’t even appear on the mobile.

To get an idea about the measurements and characteristics of the photos, you can take a quick look at this post.

Visibility through internal Twitter SEO

Although the profile is not yet complete, I have already jumped to the internal SEO part on Twitter because the bio’s text is of great importance when it comes to having more visibility in the internal Twitter search engine.

Text for bio

Here you should include some keywords with which you want to be found. Do not expect they will see you under the keyword “marketing” or similar with a new account. 

Twitter also considers the age and the number of followers regarding the visibility of the charges. Using the keyword in the name can help, although I see it as a disadvantage when working on personal branding.

Types of tweets and content

We cannot speak directly about improving internal SEO when we refer to types of tweets, but we can considerably increase visibility.

  • Phrases and quotes: Since the beginning of Twitter, sayings and quotes have been (and continue to be) enormously popular. This will surely not change in the short term because we like someone to touch our little hearts with phrases that motivate us daily.
  • New posts from your blog: I already commented that having a blog helps you with your Twitter account. Publishing your content (of quality) from your blog can be a solid argument to start following you.
  • Make use of tweets with images: The reason is straightforward. Tweets with images can have 150% more retweets on average than the rest. These tools help you publish with them.
  • Use of hashtags: I’m honestly not a big fan of hashtags. To get started. Don’t always use them, and don’t include more than one in a tweet. Since Twitter informs you with “@personaquesigues1, @personaquesigues2 and @personaquesigues3 are tweeting about #hashtagpopular,” I see it as more valuable when it comes to getting more visibility on Twitter.

Get Featured Tweets

Especially when there is a Trending Topic or subject with which you have an affinity, you may be interested in appearing as a featured tweet. It gives you extra visibility towards those who follow the theme through a specific hashtag.

A prominent tweet from the hashtag #quondosone

The trick can sometimes be relatively straightforward (and it doesn’t always work). To come out as a featured tweet, you have to achieve several retweets and interactions in a short time. 

For this, it helps you enormously to have small alliances on Twitter to carry out this type of “special action successfully.”

Integration and visibility of your Twitter account

Twitter gives you different options to provide more visibility and integrate your Twitter account with different platforms. Beyond APIs and other stories, there are more straightforward and humane ways to stand out.

Interactions with other users

The closest way to “make new friends” is to talk and communicate with them. I don’t have a magic recipe for this because it’s about being yourself.

If you have trouble in the “real world,” you can still practice a little online. You’d be surprised at the number of people who give a very close appearance through Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube and then, in real life, have a more challenging time socializing.

Share third-party content

The easiest way to connect and attract the attention of an “influencer” (how little I like this word) is to share your content by mentioning your Twitter account.

Those who have been in this social network for the longest time open the application about 10-30 times to see who has mentioned them. Your regularly sharing quality content is a big reason to follow your Twitter account.

Using tools like Twitterfeed:

If you want to automate the publication of new posts from your favorite bloggers, you can use tools like Twitterfeed. Use it only when you have checked for several weeks and have the peace of mind that quality content is always provided.

Integration within your blog

You have several options to integrate Twitter into your blog. These include tweeting a post, following your account, displaying your timeline in the sidebar of your blog, etc. 

Another fantastic way to increase followers is to comment on those blogs that, in addition to the name, website, and email field, also include the Twitter account. Once you have left your comment and filled in the fields, a button will appear where people can start following you with a click.

Commenting on blogs containing the Twitter account field helps you get new followers.

In this post of more than 1,600 words, I have included in a very summarized way everything I have learned in the last five years on Twitter. 

In this time, I have achieved more than 30,000 followers. Following these same steps will not guarantee anything.

The idea is to base yourself on some basis (such as this post could be), but exploring additional ways to find your successes and errors is good. 

The most basic formula for gaining followers is as follows: the more (quality) tweets you post, the more followers you will get.

By the way, you can follow me on Twitter… 😉

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