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How To Cope-Up With Medical Billing Staff Shortage?

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Medical billing seems like a very difficult job. A medical biller performs it by collaborating with clinical and non-clinical staff members. You can either hire an experienced billing staff or outsource for your billing needs. Healthcare billing services are confronting challenges like medical staff shortages. This can happen for a myriad of reasons behind.

Here, Economic Modeling Specialist International (EMSI) has diverted attention toward this issue. It has gathered local employment data from 2019 to 2020. Their findings predict that US healthcare will face a medical employee shortage of approximately 3.2 million by 2026.

Another survey report was by the Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation in 2021. This report has declared ⅓ staff from medical billing looking for better opportunities. As soon as they find one for themselves, they will say goodbye to their current positions. In such a dire scenario, the healthcare industry is afraid of the future of billing. Therefore, the industry is focusing more on employee retention. They are facilitating the billing staff to lessen their workload.

Here in this blog, we will foresee what are the issues medical billers are facing in healthcare. And how we can solve the employee retention issue in healthcare billing services.

Factors Behind Medical Billing Staff Shortage

Physicians always perform professional services and treat their patients. Then, the medical billers make bills so that physicians can get revenue from the clearing house. A practice cannot survive long when they lack professional guidance and many dollars get stuck in different revenue streams. An experienced billing team with sufficient billing persons can help them to avoid any pitfall in the course of successful reimbursement.

  1. The major problem arose during and after the Covid-19 pandemic when US healthcare updated patient care protocols. Patients have started coming with elective care plans. All this has put too much strain on medical billing and coding teams. Devising new rules to extend the medical coverage for handling bulk populations was a significant approach. However, these temporary and permanent regulations of the medical industry are too tricky for billers and coders to follow and manage.
  2. Also, financial pressure is another factor to be considered here. Not only healthcare but every industry has a preset standard for paying their employees for the services they do. Many healthcare billing specialists with decades of expertise have left their positions. They are in search of more valuable work with more stable financial conditions.
  3. The deficiency of advanced training models for medical billing has also reduced their working efficiency. Neither they can learn new processes in RCM nor they exceed the organization’s expectations.

Get Assistance from Modern Technology Solutions

Healthcare IT has taken advantage of many intellectual minds. It has forwarded various collective but directional efforts. Thereby, it has modernized medical software. These software programs better suit the unique needs of your organization. All new software for medical billing roles and data transfer has improved the RCM. Now account receivables can be collected with great ease. Professional medical billers are keen to grasp new trends in technology.

Listed below are major benefits you can get via modern technology solutions:

  • Software interfaces allow you to communicate with your whole team. Depending on the user’s level of authorization, you can provide access to various functionalities.
  • Your time spent performing manual operations will be cut in half or more when using these modern technological solutions.
  • The automation technology also offers you data analysis tools that you may utilize to plan out your financial future.

Outsource for a Stable Workflow Management

An organization depends on both; its clinical staff and non-clinical staff. That’s why there is no point in neglecting non-clinical staff at all. Healthcare billing services come under non-clinical staff since the billing team handles them. So, after the clinicians, the medical billers and coders have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. But organizations are so busy with their clinical tasks, they neglect their non-clinical staff. Due to this, medical billers and coders switch their job in search of an opportunity where they have a better value for their services. Some organizations are unable to retain their billing teams for so long due to a lack of budget. They do not have a choice of facilitating them or doing steps for retaining them.

One thing you can do is to outsource your healthcare billing services. Handling the rest of the staff itself will be a little easier then. You do not have to invest money in updating the internal medical software. It will be a burden on your pocket while you actively lack staff training methods. A professional medical billing team like us can do billing jobs following the healthcare protocols. Also, we can play the role of your professional advisor to streamline the work-related processes in your organization. That’s how we can contribute to avoiding employee shortage. Your medical billing and coding become entirely our responsibility; no matter what is happening around or within your organization. We know how to perfectly do our job.


Medical billers and coders have plenty of job options available. In such cases, staff shortages and difficulties in retaining experienced ones are real problems. Anyhow, some tracts can assist providers to run their organizations effectively at scale. Healthcare organizations may cover administrative gaps and prevent burnout by employing technology solutions. It will automate manual processes—all without hiring more members for medical billing. However, outsourcing medical billing services has proven to be a convenient option for the industry so far.

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