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How To Choose The Best One from Different Packing Tapes Options

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Many enterprises, both large and very small, prefer strapping when packing goods. Strapping (from the English “strapping” – strapping) is a type of packaging, the principle of which is to strap the load with a tape and then fasten it.

The direction is very popular: strapping is used by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world, specializing in the production of the widest range of products. Due to the wide spread, there are many types of packing tapes and they are divided by width / thickness and material. Accordingly, each species has characteristics suitable for one or another type of packaged product.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of packaging tape, identify the advantages and preferred areas of use.

Today there are four types of packaging tapes:

  • steel
  • polyester
  • polypropylene
  • cord (Cord) tape

Each of them has its own advantages and application features. This article will help you understand the choice of packaging tape and understand the difference between them.


This is the strongest of all types of strapping tapes. It is recommended for applications where a guarantee of high reliability is required, minimum stretch (relative elongation) of the tape is important, and where the packaged goods may have sharp edges or high temperatures.

It is fixed in two ways:

  • with steel bracket
  • lockless method (cutting method using a mechanical tool, for example M4K-10 or equivalent).

It is the preferred packaging material in many industries, even though the packaging may have sharp edges. Some types of steel belts are supplied with a finished edge, which reduces the risk of injury.

Advantages: high strength, low elongation, large selection of standard sizes, the ability to fasten the tape without consumables.

Disadvantages: not always cheap price, sharp edges, difficult to recycle.

Scope: goods with sharp edges and high temperatures, metallurgy, railway and motor vehicles, heavy structures.


It is the most popular and less expensive of all types of packaging tapes. It is not heavy and is easily processed. The main characteristics are the ability to stretch, and the ability to return to its original state. However, it has low breaking loads. 

This tape is available for both automatic packaging machines and custom packaging with mechanical tools. Its fastening is carried out with the help of buckles, staples, welding (friction method). It is worth noting that machine-type tying can be used with hand tools when semi-automatic equipment is used, but in automatic machines, the use of mechanical tools is not allowed.

Benefits: Economical, easy to use, easy to process, stretchable and bounce back.

Disadvantages: low breaking loads, low tension under load, risk of chafing on sharp edges, risk of breaking integrity under certain conditions.

Application: packaging of light and medium-weight goods, packaging of boxes, printed materials, food industry applications.


It is a more durable option for packaging plastic tapes. It has significantly less elongation than polypropylene tape and retains tension for a longer period of time. It is resistant to abrasion, and in terms of strength it is close to the breaking loads of steel tape. Due to these factors, it is used for heavy loads that require high initial tension.

In addition, due to the competitive prices and parameters of polyester tape, it becomes possible to use it as an alternative to steel strapping during transportation and storage. It is fastened with a steel bracket, or by welding (friction method).

Advantages: high breaking loads, long tension retention, abrasion resistance, easy processing.

Disadvantages: less elongation than polypropylene tape, risk of chafing on sharp edges.

Application: packaging of heavy and medium weight pallets, replacement of steel in certain industries.


She (another name – Cordstrap) is the latest development in strapping technology, which is increasingly used in recent times. It is made of high density polyester thread and covered with a polymer layer. Cordstrap is specially designed for packaging and palletizing heavy goods and is available in 3 types:

  • polyester
  • composite
  • woven

Thanks to a special production process, this tape provides higher strength and lower elongation, and the applied polymer layer ensures the tape itself is abrasion resistant and maximizes the effectiveness of the connection to the buckle. It is one of the strongest plastic strapping products and is used as an alternative in many industries.

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