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How to Become a NetSuite Certified Administrator?

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Employers are increasingly seeking candidates with certified NetSuite knowledge. Companies that hire trained specialists benefit from more successful deployments and a higher return on investment. That’s why the popularity of NetSuite certifications is on the rise.  

Since its inception in 2013, the NetSuite Certification program has certified over 4,000 people with the knowledge and abilities to use NetSuite effectively in a range of positions. The program has expanded swiftly to include seven exam-based certificates for end users, including new Financial User and SuiteAnalytics User certifications, Reports and Searches Certification, and AP Certification. 

A critical aspect of any NetSuite administrator’s job is to learn and increase their understanding of the cloud-based business management suite. In addition, they must be able to educate end users on existing and forthcoming NetSuite functionality and guarantee that the business as a whole is getting the most out of its investment. This may be a difficult undertaking because NetSuite, being a cloud-based system, is continually growing on existing capabilities and introducing new ones. 

Benefits of getting certified 

  • Join NetSuite’s exclusive professional network. 
  • Increase your career prospects by earning well-known and respected credentials. 
  • Advance your career by distinguishing yourself from your non-certified counterparts. 
  • Join an exclusive community with other NetSuite Certified professionals. 
  • NetSuite Certified logos for use on business cards and websites are available to publicize your NetSuite Certified achievement. 
  • NetSuite Certified Achievement Certificate. 

Employers benefit from having a NetSuite-certified person on their team since it ensures a greater return on investment. In addition, you can count on refined skills and a large knowledge store. This will instill trust in the rest of your staff and reduce mistakes. 

Certifications are required for service and implementation professionals at NetSuite partners. It aids in maintaining a competitive advantage and staying up to speed on platform developments. It also communicates to professionals and organizations that NetSuite take their responsibilities seriously. 

Another advantage of certification is a 30% discount on NetSuite training, access to free beta sessions, and membership in private LinkedIn groups where the NetSuite Administrator at a business may discuss best practices with certified peers. 

Who Should Take the Exam 

The applicant must have at least one year of expertise in setting and maintaining large NetSuite implementations and accounts. The applicant may manage the application on a daily basis to satisfy the demands of the firm. Their purpose is to assist users who are familiar with standard business procedures, accounting practices, and sophisticated features, choices, and program capabilities. 

Certificate Details 

To become a NetSuite Certified Administrator, you have to pass two exams: the SuiteFoundation exam and the NetSuite Administrator Exam.  

To maintain your certification, there are two requirements. First, a “New Release Quiz” is published annually, highlighting the new features released. Certified individuals are required to take this quiz in order to stay updated on the changes. Additionally, Oracle NetSuite maintains the right, at its sole discretion, to request a Retake of the Administrator Exam. This will happen no more than once every three years. 

Exam Details 

Kryterion, a third-party provider, administers the test. The exam can be taken in authorized training locations or online with a proctor. It costs $250 and lasts 90 minutes. There are around 60 multiple-choice or matching questions. Although the exam’s passing score is kept private, test results are available instantly.  

The exam covers the following topics: 

  • Working with NetSuite 
  • SuiteAnalytics 
  • Data Security 
  • SuiteBuilder 
  • Setup and Administration 
  • SuiteCloud Platform 

Exam Preparation 

Oracle NetSuite offers a variety of test preparation courses, perfect for self-study. For a more guided study, live virtual classes are also available. Furthermore, there are in-depth study resources, tutorials, online videos, and more for NetSuite training.  

After you’ve utilized the tools mentioned above to prepare for the exam, put your newfound skills and knowledge to the test by taking the sample examinations available online. Doing so will help you identify your skills and shortcomings, as well as which topics require greater attention. Since the test assesses not only your theoretical knowledge but also your practical knowledge, use all you’ve learned in your day-to-day work as a NetSuite Administrator with an AP certification.  


If you need assistance with any component of the examination, whether it’s about maintaining your certification or anything else, you may go to the NetSuite certification website’s FAQ area. This will provide you with solutions to some of the FAQs by other users. If you need to go deeper, you may conduct a Google search to uncover more materials that demonstrate other users’ thoughts and views on the certification program. This will allow you to obtain and assimilate more information, allowing you to learn more effectively.

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