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How the Digital Era Will Impact Your DMC Business?

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The Digital era has opened a whole new world for travellers. Before the advent of the internet and technology, the knowledge of travel and wanderlust was confined to those who wanted to travel. With social media putting the world on display to whoever wants to view it, people are now not just more open to travel, it’s a goal, a job, a hobby and much more. This has led to tourism being one of the biggest economies out there which powers many businesses. 

Social media not only feeds imagination but also feeds the envy of millions. Previously hitherto unknown locations are now pushed into the foreground, everyone wants to experience a world that they [[previously has no way of accessing and living vicariously through digital imagery is no longer needed. People are not aimless travellers anymore, either are they naïve. With the power of the internet and other technology, people are careful planners and skilled investigators. In other words, they know what they want. 

So how does this impact Destination management companies? Destination management companies must understand their customers and what they want, what their needs are and what they are looking for when they travel. Digital media has the greatest impact on travellers psyche, and to understand this is to understand what travels need. 

Besides, the travel industry also changes by leaps and bounds as technology changes, therefore it is essential to study and understand the impact the digital era has on the travel industry, especially on destination management companies.

The impact of social media: 

Social media is no longer just a means to communicate for people, it’s how business is conducted. In other words, if you want to grab eyeballs, social media is where you need to be. Travel is one of the most popular subjects on social media with travelers posting pictures, vlogs, videos, reels, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Aspects that affect Industry trends and why it matters 

Tourism is largely powered by the trends in the world of travel and this can be attributed to the digital world that brings information to your screen in a few seconds. 

Current trends depend on 

  • Global situations
  • Economy
  • Social conditions
  • Covid safety protocols 
  • Vaccinations 
  • Local laws & policies  

Industry trends show you what to expect from your customers, what they need and how to get through to them. Understanding these trends is the key to attracting more customers. 

Here are a few key digital sources that have a huge impact on tourism: 

Social media 

  • Brands must have a strong presence on social media. 
  • Sharable content is a good way to mark your presence and promote services. 
  • DMCs with strong social media presence have a greater chance of people using their services. 

Importance of a good website 

  • Digitization makes having a good website an absolute necessity. 
  • Lack of a website might not just affect your business but also lowers the trust factor. 
  • The website should offer a complete range of monetization possibilities including API Redistribution, Mobile Apps, payment gateway etc. 
  • Your website must contain everything needed to make it the one-stop solution that customers would need.

What are customers expecting? 


  • Hygiene, sanitization, proper covid safety protocols. 
  • Improved cleaning, socially distanced seating, sanitizers and masks 


  • People have different travel goals and needs. 
  • Solo travel, eco-travel, educations trips, leisure, business 
  • Travelers crave local experience, local activities, festivals, sports, cuisines, sights etc. 
  • DMC plays an important role by personalizing the whole experience

How can DMC grow in the digital era? 

Provide great booking experience

  • Your website should provide an easy, hassle-free yet impressive booking experience with no room for error. 
  • It should be efficient, in-built, must load across devices, fast and compatible on mobile devices with pleasing images.

Build a wide variety of inventory 

  • Build a robust inventory of Hotels, Transfers, Car Rental and local activities through a comprehensible and flexible direct contracting module. 
  • You can provide direct access to hotel partners through a powerful extranet. 
  • All of this should encourage your suppliers to send their inventory through your channel which in turn will help you offer the best of the services to the customer.  
  • OTRAMS Destination management software allows you to build an inventory through a very powerful direct contracting and extranet module.

Improve the discovery of your services 

  • You must be visible where your customers are located. The world relies on the internet to not just get through the day but to get everything they need. 
  • Seeking information online is the first move of customers while making travel plans. 
  • To ensure that you snag their attention, it is important to be present on every popular social media platform, has shareable content, has intriguing images, videos and content. 
  • One of the most important aspects is SEO, Search Engine Optimization helps you boost your revenue by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website.  


  • Personalization is the process of creating and providing services that present material, facts, information, endorsements and offers based on previous purchases, location, and other personal data gathered from the browsing history. 
  • This is the best way to enhance the user experience by giving them what they need. The powers of technology, namely mobile application must be harnessed for the. 
  • DMC can send notifications, alerts, advisory, information and other data while the travellers on en route or at the destination. 
  • Similarly, the use of emails, SMS, and other communication means help DMC companies reach out to more potential customers.  

In Conclusion 

DMC’s that wish to rise above the mundane, boost their clientele and utilize the power of the digital era need a travel technology partner that provides the most advanced technological solution. 

OTRAMS is the world’s leading travel ERP platform that can power your business with the best of technology. Our latest pricing plan is conducive for travel companies that wish to move their business online and have an impactful digital presence. Enjoy zero set-up cost, maintenance fee and annual fees with OTRAMS. Check it out here.

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