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Home Remedies for Dry Eyes: What to Do?

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People often suffer from dry eyes, but they do not know what it is. It is a condition when you feel eyes burning or feel gritty like something is stuck there. Dry eyes occur when your tear glands are unable to produce enough tears that lubricate your eyes.

There are different causes of dry eyes, such as medical or environmental factors. When there are enough tears, it keeps your eyes smooth, hydrated, and comfortable. Lack of lubrication of eyes can be painful and uncomfortable. Tears wash away dust particles and stop the growth of any infection.

One of the best eye surgeons in Lahore shared in his conference that the natural eye process of tears keeps our eyes moist. If you are taking some medicines, it may cause dry eyes. Age is also a risk factor that can lead to dry eyes and many other eye disorders, according to the CDC.

Dry Eyes Symptoms 

  • Redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Feeling like something stuck in your eyes
  • Painful sensation
  • Fatigued eyes

People often get worried when they come to know about dry eyes syndrome. Here, we will share some common risk factors that can cause dry eyes.

  • Environmental Factors
  • Contacts
  • Medications
  • Any health disease
  • Allergy
  • Older Age

For minor conditions, you should try the following home remedies to avoid irritation and scratchy dry eyes.

Tips to Cure Dry Eyes at Home

  • Wash Your Lashes

Experts believe that cleaning the eyelids and surrounding skin can help you to stop lid inflammation. When I have a lid inflammation problem, my ophthalmologist advised me to use baby shampoo to wash the eyelashes and the surrounding area. Take a few drops and gently massage your eyelashes with closed eyes.

  • Use Ointments 

If you are experiencing mild symptoms of dry eyes, you can try nonprescription products to bring relief to your eyes. You can buy artificial tears that can give your eyes temporary relief from irritation and scratch. The preservatives drop prevent bacterial growth but you should start it with only a few drops. If your eyes react badly to these drops, you can try preservative-free drops to avoid irritation.

  • Blink, Blink, and Blink

When we work on a computer, we often forget to blink. Experts say that everyone should follow the 20/20 rules that say close eyes every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Studies say that computers above eye level can cause eye irritation and can be painful. You should keep your computer below your eyes level because it helps to moist your eyes as it will not slow tear evaporation.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water does not only help to get spotless skin but also keeps your eyes moist. You should not wait to feel thirsty but drink water after a short time. Researchers say that 8 – 10 glasses of water can save you from dehydration as it is beneficial for overall health. Water is crucial for your overall health. Intake of water keeps your eyes lubricated and also maintains the moisture of your eyes. It helps in removing dust particles and other elements that can be stuck in your eyes. 

Some bacterial substances should be removed from your eyes. Water is crucial not only for your eyes but it is beneficial for your kidneys and lungs health. 

Healthy eye fluid balance is a must to stay away from many potential eye diseases. 

  • Try to Use a Filter 

Moisture your dry indoor air by using a humidifier and a filter. If you do not have a filter or humidifier at home, you can use a pan of water and put it near a radiator. Air that contains dust particles can cause dry eyes and irritability.

  • Protect Your Eyes from Dry Winds with Wraparound Sunglasses

You may look cool wearing wraparound sunglasses, and it also protects your eyes from the dry winds. Such winds cause the tears to evaporate. You should avoid blowing air, like an air conditioner, a fan directly to your face, a hairdryer, etc.

How to Prevent Yourself from Dry Eyes Syndrome

There are different things you can do to avoid dry eyes, including:

  • Rest your eyes
  • Say no to smoking
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol as  it can put you at high risk of developing many eye-related problems. 
  • First, go for a warm compress, then wash your eyelids
  • Use a humidifier in the wintertime
  • Do not go to areas where the air movement is high
  • Intake omega-3 fatty acids supplements to avoid dry eyes syndrome


A warm compress can help you to get rid of dry eye pain and irritation instantly. Tears are made up of mucus, water, and oil, but if your glands get clogged, it may result in inflammation. You should visit your doctor if you do not see any change with home remedies.

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