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Grab attention of your personal hygiene customers with your fine quality handkerchief boxes

HomeLifestyleGrab attention of your personal hygiene customers with your fine quality handkerchief boxes

Turn your handkerchief boxes into the symbol of recognition with our finest and flawless printing. Get your handkerchiefs noticed by customers in the blink of an eye with our loads of customization options for the decorative boxes. Display your apparel in a luxury designed box that makes your audience unintentionally buy your product from the home-usage products aisle. We have the printing capability of numerous sizes, shapes, and colour schemes for your custom handkerchief boxes, completely modified to your preferences. You are always welcome to place an order of the boxes at (03) 9088 3189

Obtain custom handkerchief boxes for effective sales marketing

With the presence of numerous brands promoting products, how critical it is to improve the presence of your product to make it profitable for your pocket? The looks of your packaging is a sensitive matter and the first interaction a customer gets with your handkerchief product must be impressive. The first look persuades customers to buy your handkerchief that is primarily due to the design and overall looks of your boxes. Emenac Packaging provides you the opportunity to leave an everlasting first impression on your customers with our uniquely designed handkerchief packaging. The boxes are aimed to convince the people to buy your product instantly. While you are catering to the needs of your clients, we make sure your fancy handkerchief boxes boost the overall looks of your item for huge profit gains for your business. The high quality boxes need to enhance face lift of your fancy party handkerchiefs for usage in parties. Your two piece boxes manufactured from fine quality cardboard convey the message of superiority and luxury to the event organizing people seeking handkerchiefs. We manufacture your custom boxes with the purpose of strengthening your foothold in the industry.

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Countless design choices for your custom printed boxes

We believe the quality of printing and looks of the boxes work closely together to make your customers want to your hankie from your brand.  You get premium rigid boxes tailored specifically according to your product specifications to entice the party attendees to buy your exclusive gift item instantly. To survive in this modern high-competition market with your handkerchief brand, Emenac Packaging offers you with the ultimate opportunity in the form of our uniquely designed boxes so that you become the leader in the industry. Our die cut window boxes allow your customers to develop a visual association with your item before buying it. The handkerchief specifications like the colour, size and a special message on your handkerchief boxes highlight the qualities for successful marketing. The box is perfectly sized to give your product a perfect fit. You want to ship your consumables in style to their doorsteps? Give them a customised subscription box to leave strong impression on subscribers. Having box manufacturing capability for every situation is our specialty, be it the ability to ship your accessories in specialized mailer boxes or delivering them without losing unique looks of shipping boxes.

Your logo printed on the boxes is an effective way for promotion of your business. The addition of branding helps customers in distinguishing your handkerchief products from rest of the crowd on retail shelves. We truly understand the importance of your handkerchief items and provide you with a wide range of personalization options for premium boxes including the size and style according to your needs. Finishing of your box, just like the labelling, is very crucial for creating an identity of your product on countertops. You can take your business to a new level with our striking POP displays. Draw attention of customers by hanging your daily use multi-coloured handkerchiefs on shelves through your sturdy hang tab boxes. Your handkerchief box might have limited space for the printing but our design combinations have no boundaries. You can pick from already available design templates for your boxes. Alternatively, get in touch with our design engineers to obtain dream designs reflected on your very own designed boxes and get handpicked colour choices. The design suggestions are made according to your handkerchief product outlook to gain distinction and perfect sales results. 

Ordering these boxes is a straightforward process

Emenac Packaging has been engaged in the manufacturing and printing industry of Australia for over a decade now. With the utilization of modern equipment and printing machinery, we offer significantly reduced prices for these boxes to maximize your business revenues. We have combined our printing resources with a professional team to offer you with the best box manufacturing services in any wholesale quantity. Our team of highly qualified professionals housed at our facility provide you with the opportunity to order your favourite boxes through a simple procedure. Our qualified staff is available just a call away to guide you from designing of your boxes to delivery at your doorsteps throughout Australia. Our short turnaround time and no minimum order policy differentiates us from other companies. Shipping of all your ordered handkerchief packaging boxes is also free. Send your custom packaging related quotes to [email protected] or talk to our representative by calling us at (03) 9088 3189

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