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Giving wine as a wedding gift? Wrap it up in DIY style  

HomeBusinessGiving wine as a wedding gift? Wrap it up in DIY style  

A wedding is an occasion where everyone gathers together to celebrate the most precious moment of their loved ones. When it comes to celebration, wines are known to be the necessary item. And to make a remarkable impression is to present them in the attractive Wine Boxes. They are uniquely crafted in a way, that not only enhances their visuals but makes them more presentable to their receivers. A gift is something that is made out of love. You put all your efforts and affection to make it look promising. To further improve the visuals, their ideal packaging beautifies their overall looks. There are many ways by which you can make your beautiful wrap for these bottles. Some of the easiest are:

Fabric wrap:

The easy and cost-effective method to make a Wine Gift Packaging is to use a piece of cloth to cover the whole bottle. For this, you will need a cloth piece, scissors, ribbons or a rope, and decorative items. To start the process, take a rectangular piece of textile. Place the bottle into the center of the article. Join the alternative corners together in a way, that they are in excess at the top of the bottle. Secure the excessive materials with the help of a ribbon. You can tie them up to provide it with a flowery look. To further enhance the illustrations you can either sew or paste little things onto them. There are many cloth items that you can use as a textile covering. For example, sleeves of shirts, a pair of knee-high socks, or even leggings. All you have to do is place the bottle at the bottom of the substantial, and bind it with either ribbons or even rope to give it a more vintage look.  

Printed covering

The other easy way is to use a printed wrapper to overlay the flask. In this way, you can play with different designs and graphics to make Custom Printed Wine BoxesTo make them, you will need printed cardboard paper, a pair of scissors, scotch tape, and a bow. Lay the bottle onto the paper. Do not place it on the bottom edge of the packaging. Place it above at least three to four inches from the bottom. Start rolling the binding from one end towards the others and secure it with a piece of transparent tape. Fold the extra left material at the bottom in a triangular fold. In this way, you can keep the bottle stand upright. For the top of the covering, you can fold them from the top towards down either in a fan-fold or could also bring the substance together to make a florid top. Secure the top wrap with the help of adhesive tape and place a bow in the center to give it a lovely finishing look.

Bottle in a box

It is the most common way of gifting a wine. To make this all you need is a cardboard box, a pair of clippers, a piece of fabric silk, extra packing materials, glue, and decorating items or paper note. In case you do not have the container at home, you can simply order Custom Wine Boxes Wholesale from many online packaging websites. Make the box double-walled by adding up layers to all of its sides. After having sufficient space left only for the bottle placement, cover the inner of a case with silk, to give it a luxurious look. Cover up the outside container using any textured covering and stick it with the help of glue. Once the outer and inner is ready, place the bottle in the center of the box and fill up the left spaces with any packing materials like sawdust to provide it more of a classy look. For the finishing, you can use a simple note and paste it onto the top lid of the case. You can also decorate it with the help of beautifying objects like an artificial flower to make it more lovely. 

Nature effect

The easiest way of making an adorable and elegant Wine Gift Packaging is to make one that has an association with nature with it. To make this you will need, plain paper, a pair of scissors, colorful tape, and any flower. Take a paper and cut it in a way by letting an inch between the strips and not fully cutting to the end. Cover the flask with this uniquely torn paper but left the two opposite strips and secure the other with the help of colorful tape. Secure the two left strips onto the top of the bottle and locked them with the help of transparent tape. To give it a finishing look, place the decorative flower on the top. In this way, you can remodel the same look differently. 

These are the few simplest way to make your DIY wine wrapper. But many websites provide the facility of directly ordering your customized item. You can order your Custom Wine Boxes USA from their websites to have fast delivery. The advantage of ordering them online is that they provide the facility of free shipping and transportation for their bulk orders. So make your contribution in making the wedding day of your loved a bit more special by presenting this unique gift. 

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