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Get Tutubox for iPhone and iPad for free apps and games

HomeTechnologyGet Tutubox for iPhone and iPad for free apps and games

Do you know what Tutubox is?

Tutubox is an app library developed for iOS. With this app library, people are permitted to get jailbreak tools, emulators, tweaked apps, and mod apps. Actually, Tutubox allows downloading apps that are not allowed to download through the Apple app store.

If you are seeking a place to get apps that you are not able to get with App Store, just try the Tutubox app. Most importantly, the Tutubox iOS is safe and free to download on any iOS device including iPhones and iPads.

If you are running iOS 13 or a later version, you are good to go with the Tutubox app.

tutubox ios

Features of Tutubox app that makes iOS much better

Tutubox has emulators for iOS to play classic games like Game Boy, Nintendo, and PlayStation. If you are finding a way to play those games on iOS, Tutubox is the best option that you have even some of the games are not available on App Store. You can download emulators like Delta, iNDS, DolphiniOS, PPSSPP, Happy Chick with Tutubox app.

Tutubox also provides jailbreaking tools for iOS. If you run iOS 8 or above, you would be able to use these emulators for jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. Chimera, Unco0ver, Electra, h3lix, Pheonix, Home Depot, and Etason are some of the jailbreak tools that Tutubox gives for free.

This app store alternative allows downloading IPA files directly into iPhones and iPads. You can get an IPA file for popular apps including social media apps. What you have to do is to get the Tutubox app and then search for the IPA file from the search bar and get it by clicking on the app.

If you are a fan of tweaked apps, the Tutubox app has solutions for you. The Tutubox iOS provides tweaked versions of apps that are not available to download from the Apple App Store. There are hundreds of tweaks available on Tutubox for free download including social media tweaks.

Mod games are also available to download from the Tutubox app. All you need to do is to open the Tutubox app and go to the app library. Then you can select a preferred app that you need to use. Even the Tutubox provides mod games to free download.

Why Tutubox is so good when compared to other alternatives?

  1. As I mentioned above, the Tutubox is free to download to any iOS device that runs iOS 13 or above. The Tutubox iOS works with almost all of the iPhone and iPad models including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the latest release of the iPhone product line.
  2. Some of the App Store alternatives are free but to install those App Stores we need to jailbreak our iOS device. But to install Tutubox, it is not essential to jailbreak iOS. You can install Tutubox without jailbreaking iOS devices. But if your device is already jailbroken, it is also alright with the Tutubox app. Whether your device is jailbreak or not, the Tutubox app is able to install without any third-party apps.
  3. The user-friendly interface of Tutubox gives more flexibility when using the app. Downloading and installing iOS apps through the Tutubox app is so easy. Even the Tutubox is easy to use for those who do not have the technical knowledge to use an alternative apps store.

Supported iPhone and iPad version for Tutubox app store

iPhone 5 , iPhone 6 , iPhone 7 , iPhone 8 , iPhone X , iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPad 1st gen to iPad 8th gen, iPad mini 1st to iPad mini 5th, iPad Air 1st to iPad Air 4th, iPad Pro 1st to iPad Pro 5th

People also ask

Is Tutubox safe enough to use?

Yes, the Tutubox is safe to use on any device and that proves by thousands of Tutubox users around the world.

Do I need to create a user account to use Tutubox iOS app?

No, you do not need to create any user account for using the Tutubox app. Even it is not required to use an Apple ID to open Tutubox and download apps and games through the Tutubox app.

How to download Tutubox for Android?

Unfortunately, the Tutubox app does not compatible with Android. Developers might be working with the Tutubox Android version, when we get news from the developers about the Tutubox Android version, we would update this post as quickly as possible.

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