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Foods to Treat Haemorrhoids: 7 Foods to Eat during Piles

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Most individuals are frightened of contracting hemorrhoids or piles, a health condition. This syndrome arises when there are enlarged veins surrounding the anus or lower rectum. It is where the excrement is gathered and then released as feces. For the piles treatment, you must be very attentive to your diet. However, many people have made light of this terrible illness, causing piles of patients to hide their condition from others. Haemorrhoid symptoms must be relieved by eating healthy meals and foods high in fiber.

The Benefits of Diet

Hemorrhoid problems can frequently be lessened or avoided by eating more complete meals high in fiber and low in fat.

It is because fiber appears to: 

  • Raise stool weight and shorten the number of times feces remains in the colon (colon transit time).
  • Lower the pH levels inside the colon, which again results in softer feces that move more readily by increasing water storage in the colon.
  • Lowers the time it needs for food to move into the colon (colon speed).

Which Foods To Eat?

Hemorrhoids come in two varieties: internal and external. While internal hemorrhoids are brought on by the inner rectal lining, external hemorrhoids develop underneath the skin around the anus area. Everyone should consume low-fat, high-fiber diets for their piles treatment. There are plenty of foods that contain fiber, but some of the strongest ones to eat to prevent piles are:

  1. Prunes – 

Prunes are simply cooked, dried plums with high fiber content. Prunes can provide the body with the recommended amount of fiber daily in only a half cup. Eating dried prunes can satisfy your belly for a long time. Additionally, this can aid in lowering obesity and constipation, two conditions that increase the incidence of hemorrhoids. Antibacterial medications might create digestive issues, which lowers the chance of infection.

2. Apples – 

Several studies claim that apples are rich in dietary fiber, which is good for the wellness of your skin. The insoluble fiber in apple peel helps to build up stools, which has a laxative effect and is not dissolved during digestion. Apples and other fiber-rich foods are essential to avoiding disorders like piles.

3. Sweet Corn – 

We only typically eat sweet corn if we’re eating pizza or a sweet corn combo. Corns are also rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from the harm caused by free radicals. Haemorrhoids’ associated pain may also be lessened with its aid.

4. Pears – 

Pears are a fruit that is less popular yet has many health benefits. It has a staggering amount of fiber and other beneficial ingredients for the piles treatment. Eat a pear to get skin that might include 6 grams of fiber. Additionally, it has fructose, a powerful laxative.

5. Whole Grain Spaghetti, Cereals, and Bread –

Whole wheat foods that have undergone little processing lower the risk of hemorrhoids. Products made from whole wheat are high in fecal mass and colon travel times, both of which may help prevent piles. To boost the nutritious value of your diet, you may also include whole wheat plus nuts and seeds.

6. Lentils –

One of the healthiest types of fiber that may help avoid piles disease is pulses, including lentils, stalk peas, lima beans, and chickpeas. Around 15.6 grams of fiber may be found in one cup of lentils. Green lantern consumption might result in a large weight gain. Additionally, it improves the stool’s composition and shortens the duration it stays in the colon.

7. Kiwis –

A 100 g portion of kiwi fruit provides about 3 g of fiber and a lot of water, as per research. Additionally, studies suggest that kiwi fruit eating may have laxative effects, enhance the frequency and ease with which stools pass, and improve stool size, all of which shorten colon travel time. The zyactinase protein, which is also found in kiwi fruits, may alleviate constipation by enhancing digestion.

Foods to Avoid

Limiting foods with little fiber is a smart idea. These may make constipation severe, which may lead to piles.

Avoid low-fiber foods like:

  • Dairy goods. These come in various forms, such as milk and curd.
  • Red beef. Prevent this kind of meat as it is more difficult to process and may make you more constipated.
  • Fried food. It can be challenging to digest and taxing on your digestive system.
  • Salty meals. They might make your hemorrhoids more painful and give you constipation.

Helpful ideas for treating and avoiding piles

Numerous at-home piles treatment and way-of-life modifications may help cure hemorrhoids or lower the chance of getting them, including: 

  • Being hydrated by consuming water, juice drinks, plain soups, or other drinks which might assist fiber from meals. 
  • Rising with the knees.
  • Keeping one’s weight below the acceptable range for health.
  • Staying away from anal sex and doing regular exercise.


Hemorrhoids, often known as piles, can be painful. While some meals may worsen your problems, others might be helpful. Raising your fiber intake and drinking lots of water can help reduce symptoms. To find out the ideal piles treatment strategy for you, however, consult your medical doctor if your problems don’t go away or get worse.

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