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Fixed: Netgear Nighthawk Extender Firmware Update Failing

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Performed Netgear Nighthawk X6S EX8000 setup at your home or workplace and want to avail the benefits which come along with the updated version of its firmware? But, do you fail every time while doing the Netgear Nighthawk Extender Firmware update process? Don’t worry as we are here to provide you with the solution related to this. In this article, we have outlined the scenarios that can be the reason for failure of the firmware update process. So, keep reading.

Causes: Failure in Netgear Nighthawk Extender Firmware

Your Device Has Not Enough Space

Your device memory might be already filled up to its limit and there is no more space left for any other file to be downloaded. So, it can be the main reason if you are facing an issue with the firmware update. In order to get rid of this issue, you need to delete all unnecessary apps and files that are stored on your device.

Slow Internet Connectivity 

If you are facing the issue of slow internet speed, then there is a high possibility that you may be facing the issue in downloading the updated version of Netgear Nighthawk x6s ex8000 firmware. We recommend you to check the reasons, what causes the slow internet speed. And even then if this issue is not resolved, then contact your internet service provider and ask him whether the problem is from his end or not. If yes, then notify him to resolve this.

Downloaded a Corrupted Nighthawk Extender Firmware File 

Another reason for the failure of Netgear firmware update is interruption caused during the process. And because of this, it corrupts the firmware file. So, we recommend you to close other unnecessary tabs and windows from the background in order to prevent downloading the corrupted firmware file.

Faulty Hardware 

Checked the above-mentioned reasons? Didn’t find something? Don’t worry, let’s move to our next point. It might be possible that the hardware of the extender which you are trying to update may be broken or damaged from any side. So, check out whether there is hardware related issue or not. If any, then you have two ways in order to resolve this. Either get it fixed or you can replace it with the new one.

Trying to Update an Incompatible Nighthawk Extender Firmware

Another reason why you are facing the issue of Netgear Nighthawk x6s ex8000 firmware update failure might be the installation of wrong firmware update for the extender model you own. For this, ensure the firmware version you have downloaded is compatible with your extender model or not. 

Damaged Ethernet Cable 

Another cause can be with the Ethernet cable which is attached to the ports of the router and extender. So, check the Ethernet cable once, is it broken or worn out from any side or not? If it is broken, then we recommend you to get it fixed or replace it with the new one. 

Presence of Viruses 

Check whether your device carries any malicious files or not like Trojan, viruses, or worms that become the hurdle in the pathway of updating your Netgear Nighthawk firmware. In order to check any malicious software present in your device, you should scan the device and get rid of it.

You should also pay attention to updating the Netgear Nighthawk extender firmware update. We know that users who are using Netgear Nighthawk extender for the first time can face multiple issues while updating the latest firmware.

Netgear Nighthawk x6s ex8000 firmware update

 After considering all the above-mentioned reasons for the failure of the Netgear Nighthawk x6s ex8000 firmware update, restart your WiFi device and start the process of firmware update from scratch by accessing Just in case refused to connect, consider using the extender’s default IP address. Log in to the Netgear Nighthawk router with the correct login credentials. Click on the Advanced tab and then hit on Administration.

Final Words

 After this, check whether any updated firmware is available or not. If any, download and install the firmware. Keep in mind while downloading that you have a stable internet connection for this. And along with this, avoid pressing any tab and opening a window in the background 

So, what’s the update?  Are you satisfied with the above-mentioned information? In the event that you have resolved the issue, feel free to drop some lines into the comment section. How to Do Netgear Extender Setup After Factory Default Reset?

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