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Fix Add Media Button not Working Issue on WordPress

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As WordPress is solution to many people but to fix it when a problem occurs, you need an expert solution. As WordPress is getting up-to-date day by day, there are many technical issues also which are taking place nowadays. One of the main problems is Add Media button in WordPress. The most irritating part of this technical issue is it gives you no pre-warning or information when you face the problem that how to fix add media button not working in WordPress.

Like other problems we have to find out what errors can be occurred in WordPress. So, why the media Add Media button not working properly?

This blog will definitely help you fix the Add Media button which is not working in your WordPress.

Reasons behind Add Media button not working issue

WordPress face these problems like plugins; sometimes themes don’t perform well customized scripts. Many new themes are adding to compile the plugin theme. These compiled plugins can produce scripts as well. Which can truly be related to this error?

Much people among us feel are these problems related to the errors which are not replaceable or we can do it our self.

But there is nothing to thought so much for these small problems. We can easily fix these in the following steps.

Recondition the Add Media button in WordPress

Most of your problems can be resolved but not guaranteed that it can fix the entire deep down problems. But as now we know that they are the issues to be resolved, we are on to fix these as now it’s easy. The process will simplify your way out. Now add any line to Re-code your wp-config.php file that will help tell WordPress to load a request at the same time. This process will make you go crazy as it will slightly slow down your website. But your Add Media Button not working issue will resolve and the button will start working.

As we have already told you that it can slow down your website so you ultimately need to work on your website yourself.

Now let’s start with the C-Panel by clicking on the file manager option.

  • The file manager will allow you to enter all the files related to your website.
  • By clicking on the file manger option you need to track your wp-config.php file. After that you need to tap on the public_ html directory.
  • Right click on the wp-config.php file and select the edited file.
  • Select the edit option and a window will be popping up. This particular box will notify you to generate a backup of your files. This process can get back your website back in action.
  • Now just by clicking on the edit button you need to scroll down to the end of the post now just stop editing enjoy blogging.
  • Just adding this code to your website will help you know that one script at the same time:


  • Once you put the code you are into the wp-config.php file tap on the (save changes) button to end the process.
  • Now the Add Media button not working issue resolves and starts working again, no signs of relaxing yet as you need to find the script that is creating issues.

Permanent solution to fix media button

Just before adding any context to your Add Media button not working issue, you should check and properly undo the short term solution to properly check the root cause of the problem.

On the initial stage you should always inquire the customized script you have added to the website these initial problems are the root cause of these disagreements in WordPress. Every customized script is different and many websites use distinct methods of plugins and themes so it is next to impossible to check whether which script is clashing with the other script. There is always a different way of every website. Try to figure out whether the problem still needs to be concluded.

If the customized scripts did not flash any mistake, the next problematic issue is plugin. You need to shut off every plugin. Now check step by step if any error is still left over. If the problem is with the plugin and it needs to be removed you should not lose your tempo and remove it immediately. Always make a contact with your developer before doing so. This is a confidential matter for them.

The main step of the whole process is to check the theme. Always keep on changing it. We would suggest you to always change your default WordPress theme. But it’s like your plugins are aggregated well it should also work well.


For those who are consistently wondering how to fix Add Media button not working issue and always keep it working. Follow the steps mentioned above and we are sure they will help you out.

For those who are not able to solve the error of content on WordPress, this guide on how to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress is best for you. All you need to do is to follow it and enjoy the services.

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