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Father Casket in Monarch Blue and Light

HomeNewsFather Casket in Monarch Blue and Light

The Father Casket incorporates a superb ruler blue and light-blue fruition. Within the final resting place totally fixed with light blue sheet material. This exquisite casket made with incredible strong 20 measure steel. Integrated a sensitive pad and throw. Features a portable bed for both head and feet. This half-love seat casket furnished with a full versatile gasket sealer and the locking instrument. Final resting place fits in a standard internment vault.



• Great Two-Toned Monarch Blue and Light Blue Finish

• 20 measure steel

• Light-blue crepe inside with wound around “Father” in headboard

• Matching Pillow and Throw

• Full Rubber Gasket Sealer

• Locking instrument

• Half parlor seat final resting place

• Never-ending Rest mobile bed

• Steady Welded Construction Completely Sealing The Bottom

• Swing bar handles

• Fits In Standard Burial Vaults


Every metal coffin or last resting place goes with a flexible seal. This seal fills in as a gasket that seals the most important sign of the last resting place with the base. Most other coffin affiliations will charge extra for this part, yet every metal’s last resting place at RestWellCaskets goes with this gasket. This gasket might be genuinely principal while conveyance a last resting spot and body over state lines.

The most raised spot of each brush completed metal coffin is either treated with a remarkable covering or utilized treated steel. The most significant characteristic of the last resting spot will be less frail to rust and everybody will see the quality. With the top being treated with an exceptional covering or utilizing tempered steel you can get the quality at any rate not paying heaps of money.


Steel caskets are sensible and solid. While they are not solid areas as persevering as semi-important metal caskets, for instance, bronze, copper or solidified steel, the steel’s final resting places are a strong decision.

A petite, crinkled material of silk, rayon, cotton or wool; a consistently elaborate covering conventionally found in low-to-mid-range caskets. crepe. a surface of silk, cotton, and maybe rayon, with a rest. velvet.

The chances are great that blue is the most adaptable shade of all. A couple of purposes it for conveying something explicit of correspondence and reliability. Thus, a person that used to be a pleasant and astounding conviction should be canvassed in a blue casket.

A versatile gasket will go beyond what many would consider possible around the edge of the highest point of the final resting place. At the point when the top is closed, a fixing key (found on the foot of the coffin) will be turned, getting the top safely. Likewise, the versatile gasket will make an impermeable seal.

It accompanies swing bar handles that is fixed with standard Burial Vaults.

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