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ERP for University Management – Free Demo

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An easy to use ERP for university which enables students to efficiently manage their academic records, accounts, tuition payments and much more, is now available. This software helps manage academic records online and can even generate reports in the format required by the institution. A complete changeover from manual procedures to an ERP system, which eliminates the need for a human resource manager or even IT support personnel, has been done successfully by a handful of colleges in the recent past.

As per current studies, it has been found that most universities in the US spend over $50 million on the process of admission and this figure is growing significantly by the day. With the growing costs and other costs involved in running a university, it comes as no surprise that the number of students opting for higher education shrinks every year. The increasing cost of studying, the rising competition in the market, the scarcity of good faculty members and other factors have all played their role in reducing the student-faculty relationship. Traditional paper-based methods of record keeping have ensured that students often miss out on opportunities for early entry into the university. It is here, that the idea of an ERP for university comes into play.

Since traditional methods are slowly giving way to more cost effective and convenient modes of student enrollment and admission, many colleges and other educational institutions are looking at the possibility of switching to an ERP. This is also the case with students who are finding it increasingly difficult to make the cut at the top level. Enrolling in a reputed college does not come cheap these days. And further, there are other expenses like boarding and lodging, along with other costs that make it difficult to make the cut. However, the switch to an ERP system will help cut down on all these expenses and improve the quality of education at the same time.

There are a few advantages associated with switching to an ERP system for colleges. Firstly, an ERP for colleges will give the administrators and teachers the ability to capture and disseminate student information more effectively. An ERP will also be a very useful tool for colleges to manage its own finances. This would go a long way to reduce the administrative cost involved with running a university.

Another advantage of having an ERP for universities lies in the potential of the system to bring in greater efficiency by reducing the manual paper-based processes. With an ERP system in place, students can lodge application forms online and access their results remotely. Also, due to the increased mobility provided by modern web technologies, the number of students opting for online degree programs has drastically increased over the past few years. Online enrollment has helped to cut down on the physical space requirement associated with traditional educational institutions. In such a scenario, having a well-stocked ERP system at a university becomes all the more important.

There are a variety of CRM applications available for colleges and universities. Some of these are capable of handling all the functions involved in campus recruitment, student admissions, financial management, and marketing etc. Many colleges and universities have already started using some of these CRM systems. As more educational institutions look to cut down on their costs and increase their profit margins, they are likely to adopt ERP systems as well.

One of the most important functions that an ERP for university management must perform is the implementation of the ERP system to provide easy access to its main database. Since most colleges and universities maintain a large set of academic and school records, the creation of a centralized database for these records will facilitate easy access by students, faculty, staff members and other researchers. Also, an ERP system must be able to generate and manage reports. For this, the reports must be customized according to the needs of each institution.

There are many companies that offer ERP software for colleges and universities. Some of the leading companies like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM and others offer ERP solutions for colleges and universities. These companies offer free demo versions of their ERP modules for downloading. Free demo versions are easily available from the Internet, blogs, website of the respective company and through downloads.

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