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The first step in any long-term plan is understanding why accessibility makes you a better and smarter organization. Some themes may connect with you more than others, depending on the sort of organization you are and how they relate to your own objectives and beliefs. It is reasonable to assume that, and we advise you to emphasize these points when communicating with your stakeholders.

The “why” is the main topic of this article. However, we also intended to urge you to consider the “how.” The ‘What next?’ section at the end offers general advice and pointers to other resources to support you on your journey.

What effects does accessible innovation have on our people and our company?

The finest goods and services are those produced through accessible innovation. Organizations must give inclusive design, accessibility, and innovation serious consideration if they want to compete in the innovation space. Only through attracting and keeping a broad group of minds, including talent with disabilities, is this conceivable. Employees with disabilities will approach challenges and find answers in various ways. Additionally, in the future, developers with experience in accessibility will be more in demand than those without.

What effect does diversity have on innovation?

Non-diverse groups often take a similar approach to problem solving and innovation and reach the same conclusions. Research demonstrates that diverse groups, on the other hand, bring a range of strategies, perspectives, and methodologies to the table. This implies that the group will probably have more choices to consider and can reach agreement on the best ideas. According to a Forbes article titled “Diversity confirmed to boost innovation and financial results,” there is a growing body of evidence from studies conducted by economists, demographers, and research organizations that socially diverse groups are more creative and productive than homogeneous ones.

Are only persons with impairments eligible for accessible innovation?

No! Solutions created for persons with disabilities are usually adopted for usage on a larger scale in society. Technology and solutions that were once created for handicapped persons are now a commonplace aspect of daily life for everyone. A few examples of technology that was first developed for individuals with disabilities but has now proven useful for everyone include the typewriter, telephone, subtitles, talk-to-text, screen readers, audio books, and touch screens. Accessibility and disability have always been powerful forces for creativity.

How does inclusive design work?

Each design choice has the ability to either include or exclude clients and coworkers. Places and activities are open to everyone, regardless of age, handicap, or background, thanks to inclusive design. Everyone benefits from it; it’s inclusive!

What is accessibility for brands?

In order to ensure everyone has access to information and that your brand is responsive and approachable to all of society, you must provide all information in a consistent and open way.

Being approachable entails throwing open the doors and inviting clients to engage in dialogue with your business. When consumers have a positive experience, they develop an emotional connection with the brand, which encourages loyalty.

Brand accessibility entails making it clear that you are sympathetic, understanding, attentive, and caring. Customers increasingly choose to do business with companies who take pleasure in prioritizing client needs before profits.

What advantages does brand accessibility offer?

Being accessible benefits your brand’s website, e-commerce site, and communication materials. Approximately 15% of people worldwide are disabled. Over 1 billion individuals make up this (WHO). It is estimated that the disability community, which includes friends and relatives of handicapped persons, has a total spending power of $13 trillion (Global Economics of Disability, 2020). This implies that you are missing out on cash if there are obstacles to accessibility between you and your prospective clients.

You have complied with the law. Having an inclusive brand shows that you adhere to local laws and do not discriminate. You put effort into acting morally and following the laws governing digital accessibility, not just physical accessibility.

Where do I begin?

Establish an open, inquisitive attitude and mentality among your staff members so that accessibility and inclusiveness become second nature. To do this, you need do the following important actions:

  • Diversify your staff.
  • Appoint equal access supporters who actually understand and care about the issue.
  • Investigate new technology, enhance service delivery, then disseminate these new abilities across the organization.

How is productivity increased by accessibility?

According to Accenture research, organizations that prioritize the needs of people with disabilities are four times more likely to exceed their peer groups in terms of overall shareholder returns.

Accessible solutions are more effective for all parties. They are simpler, more user-friendly, and easier to explore. They increase our productivity and are to everyone’s advantage. You’ve used an accessibility feature if you’ve ever turned on subtitles when you don’t have your headphones with you or are in a loud setting. It’s crucial that we support our handicapped coworkers by eliminating any obstacles and giving them the appropriate modifications and accommodations to meet their requirements.

Adjustments and accommodations may be simple.

Simply ask your coworkers what modifications and accommodations they need! They may already be aware of this, or you may work with them to discover what could be helpful – this may be brand-new to them as well. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the modifications you make will depend on the person and their handicap. Be cautious not to assume what obstacles individuals experience, and make sure you brainstorm solutions with them. Nothing about us without us.

What relevance does this have to productivity?

Adjustments increase productivity—and not only for coworkers with disabilities. We want every one of our coworkers to be “their best selves,” and by making improvements for them that are often quick and affordable, they may be. According to a report from the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), which receives funding through a contract from the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) of the U.S. Department of Labor, providing accommodations at work increased productivity for 72% of employers and improved safety for 46% of employees.

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