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Egg Cleansing Meanings

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In the esoteric world there are different techniques to eliminate the negative vibrations to which many believe that we are exposed daily. One of the best-known practices in this area is egg cleaning; a ritual that despite not having any scientific evidence regarding its effectiveness, is very popular in different parts of the world. According to people who believe in this type of esoteric practice, egg cleansing meaning is to neutralize evils such as envy or the evil eye.

But “how do you do this ritual at home?” or “how can I know that the cleanup has worked?” you will ask yourself. In the following article we will explain both how to do an egg cleanse and the possible meanings so that you can interpret its result. However, it is important to insist that this technique is not scientifically supported, which is why although many faithfully believe in its powers, others do not take it as an effective technique.
1. Clean with egg: what is it, what is it for and when to do it
2. How to cleanse with egg step by step
3. Meaning of egg cleaning

Clean with egg: what is it, what is it for and when to do it

As we have already mentioned, egg cleansing is an esoteric ritual that has been practiced for many years in different parts of the world despite the lack of scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. There are many people who claim that this food can absorb the negative energies accumulated inside a person or even in a home. In addition to this effect, it is also believed that egg cleaning can solve other ills such as discomfort caused by envy, mood problems or by black magic launched against an individual. If you wonder how to know if there is negative energy at home , take a look at this article.

When to cleanse with egg
According to esoteric experts, it is advisable to perform the egg cleanse at the moment you begin to notice general discomfort; unexplained accidents or negative mood states as well as frequent insomnia or nightmares. Those who believe in this practice also insist on the importance of performing this technique either at the beginning of a month or a year, since it is often believed that the beginnings are key moments for most esoteric techniques to be effective .

In addition to these recommendations, this esoteric practice is also recommended during the waning lunar phase, as this is when the energies can flow in a more balanced way.

How to make an egg cleanse – Egg cleanse: what is it, what is it for and when to do it
How to cleanse with egg step by step
Now that we know both what it is for and when to do this esoteric ritual, here we explain how to do an egg cleanse at home with the following step by step.

. 1 egg
. Mineral water
. 1 pinch of sea salt
Step by Step
1. Place a white candle and some incense (sandalwood if possible) in a quiet room with a window before you begin the cleanse.
2. Stand up and hold the egg in your right hand .
3. Now begin to make circles with the egg from the head to the feet without touching the skin. The correct order of the tour is as follows: hair, forehead, eyes, mouth, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, abdomen, legs, knees and feet. In this way, it is believed that the egg can absorb all the negative energy accumulated inside you.
4. Once you have cleansed your entire body, break the egg shell and pour its contents into a glass with water and a pinch of salt .
5. When you have prepared the mixture, you will have to interpret the image that the egg forms in the glass and then flush its entire contents down the toilet. (To interpret the meaning of the egg, read the next section).
6. To correctly finish the ritual, you will have to add another pinch of salt inside the toilet since, according to the people who believe in this custom, it neutralizes the negative charge that came off the egg. You should also throw away the eggshell that you used during the ritual.
How to make an egg cleanse – How to make an egg cleanse step by step
Meaning of egg cleaning
You have already performed the ritual that we have explained to you and you have the egg in the glass with water and salt. To know how to interpret it correctly, here are the different meanings that egg cleansing can have according to esoteric experts:

. Evil caused by another person : It is likely that someone is doing black magic or something negative to you if a mantle appears in the egg.
. Accumulation of negative energy : if bubbles appear around the yolk of the egg, it means that you had a negative charge inside you.
. Excessive worry – If the yolk of the egg takes on a shape that resembles a person or an animal, it means that you have accumulated negative energy due to excessive anxiety.
. Envy : If forms similar to spikes appear upwards in the egg, simulating needles, it means that you are surrounded by very envious people. If you suspect that this may be your case, do not miss this article on Amulets against envy .
. Disease : if black and/or red dots appear on the yolk, it may mean that you have a tendency to get sick.
. Evil eye : if the yolk has bubbles, peaks and becomes somewhat cloudy, you have an evil eye. Discover what are the symptoms of the evil eye .
. Black Magic : If the yolk sinks to the bottom of the glass just as you break the egg, it’s a sign someone has cast a spell on you.
. Physical tiredness : if coiled figures appear in the egg, it means that you are ignoring pain, discomfort or accumulated physical discomfort.

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