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Early Game Ventures (EGV) is investing in Vatis Tech’s technology, which is better than Google’s

HomeBusinessEarly Game Ventures (EGV) is investing in Vatis Tech’s technology, which is better than Google’s

Early Game Ventures (, an investment fund, has announced that it has signed an initial investment of ₹ 200,000 in Vatis Tech ( Sparking Capital and Melin Atefense participated in the round, and the DLA Piper team formed by Christina Booker and Cyprien Friende provided legal assistance for the transaction.

At Vadis Tech, we focused on developing authentication mechanisms for European languages ​​such as French, Italian, German, Dutch or Polish. We definitely started in Romanian and proved that our solution has the best results. Google Technology. In the tests conducted so far, Google’s transcription accuracy exceeds 84% ​​and Vatis Tech 94%. The speech recognition systems we have developed are experts in industries and fields such as the media, finance, technology or medical fields. Adrian Ipsos, Founder and CEO of Vitis Tech, said.

Watis Tech service is available online and anyone can try it. Developers can use APIs to integrate Vitis technology into their products and services, benefiting from the use of dedicated support and profitable pricing.

“We are delighted whenever we have the opportunity to invest not only in new business models, but also in companies developing technologies. Deep technology start-ups are highly scalable; they are numerous. kind of needs and use that matter in many industries and sectors,” said Dan Kalugarenu, EGV Partner, adding that in this perspective, the best start in terms of precise A’s that teach European languages ​​at the level of English. But he is responsible. In the future, many more startups and companies will use Vatis technology to integrate with their products and services. Therefore, EGV’s investment in Vatis Tech is part of our thesis, said Dan Selukerianu.

Vitis Tech will use 200 200,000 to develop Romanian language algorithms and market the technology. Eventually, the company will develop guidelines for other European languages ​​and expand its operations overseas.

Early Game Ventures (EGV) is a venture capital firm funded by the Competitive Action Plan 2014–2020 funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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