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Customers need to know what is inside the box – Window Boxes are trending now

HomeBusinessCustomers need to know what is inside the box - Window Boxes are trending now

The packaging is the major thing that differentiates your products and adds more value to your offering. Among a variety of Kraft box packaging ideas, window boxes are the trendiest solution.  Nowadays customers want to know what is inside their box. These window boxes are just perfect to drag several opportunities for your business. Starting from food to, cosmetics, apparel, perfumes, baked items, and retail products; they can be used for almost everything which comes to your mind. It is the reason that cardboard window boxes are becoming the preferred choice of manufacturers worldwide. They increase the visibility of your products by providing a captivating display. The packaging is designed from premium quality material, making it highly suitable for an array of products of everyday use.

What Is A Box Window?

Kraft packaging with a window gives your products extra visibility on shelves. It makes you design outstanding packages with a variety of decorative features like offset print, hot foil stamp, an embossed or a debossed pattern, etc. Such packaging delivers superior customer satisfaction by beautifully displaying the contents inside. The first step of the die-cutting process includes cutting out a window of the required size. A piece of plastic film is then glued on a place behind the window. The process begins by using a stamp tool to apply glue all around the window opening on the back of the cardboard. It is applied by using a gluing machine or a hot glue gun. A piece of plastic film is simultaneously cut into appropriate size before being positioned precisely over the window and placed onto the glue. It is to be noted that a margin of a minimum 15 mm is required between the window and its box edge.

Beautifully reveals what is Inside the Box:

Custom retail packaging window boxes are a perfect way to reveal what customers are going to get inside. They provide a luxurious display and make your products stand out from the competition. The die-cut windows are designed so professionally and attractively that nothing else is needed for their decoration. Such type of packaging becomes the center of attention among all other options. Custom boxes with clear windows are an ideal way to engage the customers by showcasing your products in a stylish and alluring manner.

Window Boxes: The Most Versatile Packaging Solution

Among a variety of options, window boxes are the most versatile packaging solution. You can customize them in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs to fit almost any product. Attractive color schemes and interesting artwork can make the packaging more impressive. When a customer can see what is inside the box, it increases the customers’ satisfaction and motivates him to make a purchase. By using window boxes, the manufacturers have an array of design options. For example, they may introduce different shaped windows like heart, circle, hexagon, or a square, etc. In addition to it, they may also go for innovative box styles like a window box with lid, auto lock boxes, a pillow box with window, sleeve window packaging, and much more. Introducing striking prints can make your packaging different from those of competitors. Here we are going to highlight some of the products for which window packaging is becoming trendy these days:

  • Window Boxes for Desserts:

Whether they are cupcakes, donuts, pastries, macarons, or any other dessert, window treat boxes wholesale are perfect to meet your packaging requirements. They are customized exactly according to the serving size to reflect professionalism. For example, if a person wants to order a single cupcake, he is presented with this single-serving white window box packaging to view his scrumptious delight.

  • Window Food Boxes:

Window packaging has made its way in the food sector in no time. The manufacturers have realized that providing a tempting view of a food item is the best way to sell it more. That’s why a box for window becomes so trendy. Custom window boxes are frequently being used to package Chinese food, fast food, pizza, French Fries, cookies, and an array of edibles. You may customize them easily according to your packaging needs to serve the purpose.

  • Window Gift Packaging:

Window gift boxes wholesale are perfect enough to catch the attention of the receiver. Among dozens of wrapped gift items, these window gift boxes give a stand out effect. Whether you want to pack little presents like chocolates, or jewelry, or something big like teddy bears or crockery, window packaging adds to an amazing display of your products. Let us take the example of these candle boxes with window. The manufacturer has worked exceptionally well to create a unique shaped window cut-out to display his candle collection. This looks appealing similar to gift packaging.

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