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New Trend to Excessive Of Use Foundation among Women – 8 Pros & Cons

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Foundation boxes are quite a popular cosmetic packaging type that provide protection and present the product at the same time. Most of these packages are pretty fascinating due to their impressive shapes and styles. Brands can manufacture them with cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft stocks.

They are quite interesting when we talk about their graphics. Modern technology has enabled packaging manufacturers to print them with high-resolution images and complex color schemes. They can come with pre-added holders and dividers. Businesses use impressive PVC laminations such as smudge-free, gloss, matte, and many others to enhance their appeal.

It is a new trend among women to open custom foundation boxes and use the item daily. This trend is quite beneficial for most women. However, the short-term benefits can convert into drawbacks when used for a long time. For this purpose, you need a complete guide on the pros and cons of using them excessively. So, let us see the top eight advantages and disadvantages of excessively using these products.


The advantages of using base regularly are pretty impressive. This cosmetic item is beneficial for the skin in many ways. Here are some pros of using it excessively in daily life.

01. Protection against Sun:

A significant purpose of products packaged in custom foundation boxes is to protect skin against the sun. Sun rays can leave adverse effects on the skin. It is due to UV rays in light of the sun that can damage skin cells and make them look darker. Some people have allergies to sun rays as well.

This product is beneficial to keep harmful sun rays out by acting as a barrier. It is a significant advantage for many people when they use this item regularly and go out under sunlight. It also safeguards people from sunburns due to its protection abilities. Some people use dense layers, which is more beneficial for this purpose.

02. A Boost in Confidence:

Well, a boost in confidence is a side benefit of using foundation regularly. It is also a good reason why people often buy foundation boxes online. Women that use these products regularly know their skin more. It provides them extra confidence when talking with others,

As they know that they are looking perfect. It boosts their confidence because they always look perfect due to this makeup. Women don’t need to do anything new when using the same makeup every day. As a result, people around them think that it is their natural look.

03. Safety against Pollutants:

The atmosphere is getting more polluted with time, so frequent use of makeup can protect against it. Dust in the air can make women look dirty after some time. This thing requires frequent cleansing of the face to avoid darkening of the skin.

But when individuals use this cosmetic item, it blocks dust particles outside. It helps safeguard skin from the adverse effects of dust. Chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and smoke in the air can harm the skin as well. This makeup blocks all these elements to keep the skin healthy.

04. Give A Fresh Look:

Giving a fresh look to the face every day is a Retail packaging is a significant benefit of this cosmetic product. A fresh look can be obtained by cleaning the face. However, a person cannot keep it for longer if the foundation is not applied. This cosmetic product can preserve the fresh look for a long time. Some of them even give a fresh look for an entire day. It is a significant reason why females use them regularly these days. This benefit is significant in that motivates individuals use this product frequently.


The drawbacks of using foundation are many more than you think. The severity of these cons is also pretty high. It is a significant cause why you should be cautious before using this item every day. Let us see some major cons to help you understand them better.

01. Infections and Allergies:

Infections and allergies are common side effects of using this cosmetic product excessively. Eye infection is pretty common due to excessive use of products that comb because the eyes are pretty delicate parts of the face. Their skin is thin as compared to others, so it absorbs more chemicals as well. These chemicals can cause eye infection when absorbed into the bloodstream. Chemicals in this product can also cause different allergies.

02. Changes in Color:

Most foundations are manufactured with chemicals that are tested for short-run effects. Their long-term use can damage skin cells and cause dark color patches on the skin. It is not what any woman wants, so it is beneficial to avoid excessive use. These items absorb dust, chemicals, and smoke in the air. When people don’t remove it before sleep, they can cause the skin to look darker even after removing it in the morning.

03. Wrinkled Skin:

Frequent use of this cosmetic product can cause premature aging. A major sign of premature aging is wrinkled skin. After excessive use, you will find that your skin looks wrinkled without applying it. Businesses that buy foundation boxes wholesale must mention this effect of long-term use. You may also get wrinkles around the eyes due to this.

04. Imbalance in Hormones:

Chemicals in the foundation are absorbed by the skin and enter our bloodstream. Some of their chemicals can adversely affect our endocrine system. It is because they are not suitable for the thyroid gland that controls most of the hormones. As a result, you may be at risk of developing a disease linked with the endocrine system due to their health and excessive use.

Foundation boxes contain a product that has become a necessity of every woman these days. A new trend of excessively using these items is on the rise. We have shown advantages and disadvantages so you can compare and decide to use them excessively or not.

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