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Cuomo Addresses Nursing Home Investigation

At a news conference on Friday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York pushed back on accusations that there had been a purposeful delay in reporting coronavirus deaths in nursing homes across the state.

This is a horrendous situation. But I want you to have the facts, because I don’t want you to have more pain from this noise. All the information that the state put out about all the deaths — hospital deaths and nursing home deaths from Day 1, this is how many people died in hospitals. This is how many people died in nursing homes. Total deaths, the same number. This information of total deaths was provided always. We get a request from the Department of Justice in August, with other Democratic governors only, by the way, nursing home deaths happened nationwide — Democratic states, Republican states. We get a request letter from the Department of Justice, same day, just Democratic governors. OK, I guess that was coincidental. I guess that wasn’t political by the Trump Justice Department. We provided the Department of Justice with truthful information in our response. It is a lie to say any numbers were inaccurate. That is a lie. Total deaths were always reported to nursing homes and hospitals.

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