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The New Age Technology of Remote Ceiling Fans

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· Introduction

Philip Diehl invented the motorized ceiling fan in 1882. He used an electric motor, engineered the singer swing machine, added two paddle blades, and created a motorized ceiling fan. The technology has boomed out drastically, so ceiling fans with remote have been introduced in the market lately.

To fight the scorching summer heat, most households in India prefer to have an air-conditioning unit. With the increasing demands of catering to the modern sensibilities of homeowners, ceiling fans today are being upgraded and available in various designs and functionality, multiple styles, sizes, colors, and designs. Modern innovation includes ceiling fans with motion sensor light and is now introduced with remote control. These help a lot of housemates to live a luxurious life. Your comfort is just one click away.

The home interior and design have offered various ceiling fans in different styles and colors. They perfectly suit your interior decors. Many good options for remote-controlled ceiling fans are available in the market these days. You should definitely try the fans with motion sensor light to illuminate the beauty of your house. 

· Why are Remote Ceiling Fans Worth Buying?

Let’s talk about it and its importance in detail:

  • Accessibility: It is the main benefit of a remote-controlled ceiling fan, where it is very accessible from anywhere. It can be switched on/off and control the speed of your ceiling fan with minimum movement, So you don’t have to stand up and walk to the switchboard every time you need to adjust its settings. It is advantageous to elders and children. This adds accessibility and ease for them to control fans without assistance, and you can manage everything with one remote.
  • Integration with Motion Sensor Light Fixtures: If you wish to lodge ceiling fans with light installation, opting for a remote-control one would be perfect. Generally, you would have to connect an extra wire from your fan to the wall switch to control the light fixture, like turning it on and off without affecting the ceiling fan. With a remote-controlled ceiling fan, you can get rid of extra electrical wires and messes in the circuit.
  • One Remote for Multiple Fans: In the homes with more than one ceiling fan installed in a particular space, like in a spacious living room, you can access the fans with only one remote. You would not want to adjust them one by one, every time. In such cases, a remote-controlled ceiling fan is the best option for you. You can control all operations with a single remote. This eliminates the need to remember multiple switches and times to turn them on or off or control the speed and switch.

A remote-controlled ceiling fan may like a luxury but is a practical choice in the cases mentioned above. The accessibility and saving timing have added convenience, making the extra bucks worth spending.

· Benefits of Remote Ceiling Fans-

  • Efficiency – It is more efficient, which offers comfort, and with the remote control, no extra mile has not to be taken.
  • Comfortable -You can use it from anywhere sitting in the room, which is very comfortable to use.
  • Offer Various choices – It is offered in various colors and types on the market.
  • Handy for Elders and Children – Patients, elders & children can easily use this.
  • Easy to Install – Easy to install, and no extra wire need to be added during installation.
  • One Remote for Multiple Fans – It accesses from a single remote and is attached to every fan installed in the house.
  • BLDC Motors Have Already Brought these Remote – control ceiling fans, and these fans are more efficient to use.
  • A physically challenged person who cannot reach the switch button can also easily access it without getting dependent on other people.
  • It is more useful in big halls where more than one fan is installed, and you will remotely handle the sufficient helpful fans.
  • These fans also offer sleep mode, speed control option, time mode, etc., which are very useful for any person.

· Different Types of controls-

  • Pull Cord
  • Wall Control
  • Remote Control

· Conclusion –

The users of efficient ceiling fans with remote outweigh the negatives, and most users do buy them if it is expensive or not. Now the choice is completely yours whether to remote or not to remote your ceiling fan based on everyone’s situation, and you’re also linking your budget.

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