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Car wash: Cleaning on wheels

HomeNewsCar wash: Cleaning on wheels

The car has several uses, whether, for business, work, or personal use, it is also considered the second patrimonial asset.

Among the main benefits offered by this means of transport is the possibility of moving with less effort and in a more comfortable way over short and long distances. Another benefit is the possibility of transporting what you want as long as the car has the capacity to store it. Even beyond its functionality and comfort, for some, it is a symbol of social status

For all this, the internal and external cleaning of your car is as important as the one done at home and before that any help is welcome.

There are establishments that for a certain price can do the complete cleaning of your car. Some offer special packages with specific treatments for certain areas of the vehicle such as dashboards, mats, seats, etc., in order to keep it in a good aesthetic condition.

In this Shopping Compass, you will learn about the services Car Wash offers, their characteristics, and the price for washing a car and a truck.

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  • The car wash service.

    Vehicle washing establishments were born to satisfy two needs: vehicle cleaning and conservation through three modalities:

    Manual service, in which the staff (car wash) in a fixed space is responsible for cleaning with the help of rags, buckets, shampoo, and pools with treated water, among other products. The service may include exterior and interior cleaning. It can also be offered in shopping centers, on the street, and at home.

    Automatic washing system, in which through a mechanical system, programmed for cleaning without the intervention of personnel. T

    he user can enter his car and remain inside it while it is washed by a displacement system and where rollers do the cleaning.

    In the semi-automatic system, service is offered through an automatic system and another manual part through the service center staff.

    The service is carried out in six stages, which will depend on the type of cleaning chosen:

    The car wash also offers other services, most of them additional, for washing the vehicle or providing the service, such as:

    1. Wax
    2. Polished
    3. Body decontamination
    4. Bodywork porcelain
    5. Bodywork crystallized
    6. Engine wash
    7. Washing of cloth or leather garments
    8. Teflon in garments
    9. Home service
    10. Special sales

    They can also offer you a loyalty or frequent customer program with which you can get free or lower-priced washes.


    If you are one of those who considers your vehicle more than an investment, you will surely always look for a way to protect it. Below we make a series of recommendations to consider when you decide to take your vehicle to be washed.

    When acquiring a vehicle, in addition to the mechanical maintenance recommended by the manufacturers, consider frequent washing as a way to keep it in good condition.

    When going to a car wash, he prefers an established place with adequate spaces to carry out the work.

    Did you know that bacteria and germs accumulate inside the car? hence the importance of frequent cleaning.

    Do not decide on the service only by price, the highest price is not necessarily the best.

    Ask other people what service they use and why.

    Ask about the types of services (vacuuming, polishing, waxing, upholstery deep cleaning, etc.) included in the price, and which have an additional cost.

    If the establishment offers packages, analyze the options and focus on what your vehicle really needs.

    Verify that the services offered correspond to the price of the chosen package.

    Ask about the types of products they use to wash your car.

    Observe the cleaning work. Preferably stay until the end of the service.

    Review the conditions in which you leave the car and receive it.

    Do not leave valuables.

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