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Can body hair be permanently removed by laser?

HomeLifestyleCan body hair be permanently removed by laser?

The sense of feeling hairless skin is so unique. Basking in the sun with smooth, shiny skin is all that women want. But those unwanted stubbles and hair regrowth after a few days of shaving and waxing are something that is super bothersome. 

To feel confident and comfortable in one’s skin, people these days love hairless skin. And for that, getting proper and effective hair removal treatment is essential. Not like waxing or using depilatory creams to remove hair at home. After appropriate consultation, work done by cosmetic technicians gives the best long-term results. 

The most popular hair removal solution currently is laser hair removal. People go for it to remove facial hair, pubic hair, and body hair. The process follows the latest high-end laser technology that destroys the hair from its root. Since hair growth is significantly delayed, you get to experience a hairless body for a longer time. 

Laser hair removal (激光脫毛) is the ultimate solution to get almost permanent hair reduction on your body. That is why it is done mainly by licensed professionals with essential skills and an understanding of laser technology.

In comparison to other conventional hair removal methods, laser treatment is a much more effective, fast, and painless process. To get the best results, you must be consistent with the number of laser sessions as instructed by the technician. 

Does laser hair removal give permanent results?

That is what many people claim. But since everyone’s body and hair are different, the results vary greatly. Technically, laser treatment only reduces the usual growth process of the hair. The laser lights let the hair follicles lie dormant for a long time. And while they grow back, you expect lighter, fine, and few visible hair growths. 

Based on the person and the skin and the influence of several factors, some get permanent hair reduction after completing laser sessions. But that is rare. As natural as hair growth is for the human body, it is impossible to remove them forever. 

As per the statistic, laser hair removal treatment works best on light skin complexion with dark and coarse hair. As the laser lights target the melanin in the hair, dark hair is easy to destroy. The effect on them is long-lasting by months and even by a year. The side effects are also uncommon in light-skinned people getting laser treatment. 

The number of sessions to get the best result from laser treatment differs. Besides biological factors, several external factors also affect the outcome and effectiveness of the treatment. The sessions can go up to 12 seatings at best, or five to six sessions are enough to get permanent results. 

After the first laser hair removal sessions, you can expect up to 25% hair reduction in the treated area. After continuous sessions, the effects will increase, and hair regrowth will be reduced significantly. That is why it is better to get occasional hair removal touchups to improve the effectiveness of a hair-free body. 

How many laser sessions are necessary for considerate hair reduction?

Laser hair removal procedures are of different kinds. Based on the skin and hair type, suitable laser technology should be applied for effective results. Hence, depending on various factors and the type of laser procedure used, the treatment sessions vary by five to eight sessions. 

Nevertheless, many people claim that they achieved permanent hair loss after several laser sessions. So, it is safe to say that laser hair removal treatment is effective and long-lasting. 

However, in most cases, it takes years of regular laser treatments to eliminate hair regrowth on the body entirely. Specific parameters must be followed to stop the hair follicles from growing back. That is possible only when the laser lights hit the hair follicles at the proper growing phase of the growth cycle. Later, it is also a must to keep up with the general aftercare maintenance of the laser-treated area. 

Follow-up laser treatments help remove all the tiny stubbles that grow over time after the completion of the laser sessions. While the exact number can vary, it is best to keep up with the routine procedures. After each session, the amount of hair regrowth reduces significantly. Hence, by the end of the laser treatments, you can experience a hair-free body. 


To conclude, laser hair removal is the best way to eliminate body hair for a long time. Depending on your doctor’s suggestion, you can also go for IPL or electrolysis. Nonetheless, you get your money’s worth with laser hair removal. You just have to ensure to get it done by experienced ones.  

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