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Building your personal brand on social media in 5 simple steps.

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Building a personal brand and social media presence is hard and takes a lot of work it’s even harder for brand and media persons.
Why? As a person, it’s easier to be authentic and human than it’s as a company.

This is where growing your personal brand comes to play. Putting a face into your social media agency will make a huge impact to develop the per clients’ connections, belt authenticity, and trust.

In this blog, we will explore how you can create a personal brand on social media from scratch. But before diving into the article makes sure to check out the relevant post.
Facebook VIP account.

Why should you create a personal brand media??

Opportunities will come to you

People know what you stand for
Deals you never would have gotten
You can charge more
A direct line with your audience
Your journey becomes the product

How to get started building a brand

Building a brand from scratch is difficult., however building a personal brand from scratch is often slightly easier because you already have details about yourself.

Set up your social channels

The first thing needs to be your profile on the social channels you want to use. You don’t have to go with fancy branding. It does help to have a few professional elements.

Your profile picture

It might be scary but using your face as your profile picture will help clients connect I born with you. You should take the best picture of yourself the qualities of the picture should be

Be clear and easy to see
Show your face
Be professional

Social bio

On most Social media accounts Bio you have a very limited amount of space to make a good impression on the public. So it’s important so that you can reach the right people and effectively use them as your audience.

Social media Bio’s should have the following

Highlighting some personal achievement
Touching on the topics you will be sharing content about

Identify your expertise

What you have done with your personal profiles and published design with the professional teacher and an engaging social media bio, it’s time to think about what you are going to share content about.

Thinking yourself

Done in your past experiences
What part of your account are the most knowledgeable
What do you like to be talked about?

Decide on your content types

The type of content you promote will be different from your competitors because it’s coming from a person. While the competitor’s social profiles are held by other persons.

Your content can be on different topics like

Asking questions
Tips and advice
Answer questions
Sharing your favorite content
Personal hobbies


Your personal branding does not need to be as good as your competitors but it can comprehensive design in place to make you consistent across all social media profiles and consistent in multiple different places.

Social media schedule

Consistency is the key to success even if you are posting from a personal account people will expect you to show up in their feed and they will come to look forward to your post if you do it right.

Your schedule should look like this

Monday some content

Wednesday day question and answer session

Share knowledgeable tip

Not only does creating a schedule hold you it also makes it far easier to create content.

Top tips for building your personal brand as your competitors

Now you have got your account set up and scheduled on time is time to focus on growing your following and generating some order social media profiles.

Here are some Pro tips which you should not miss

Choose the right channels

Don’t try to be everywhere at once. Just be focused on tooth 2 to 3 social media profiles and start building engagement there.

Follow other experts

Surround like-minded people and follow other experts in your industry you will be able to see the kind of content they are sharing which will reveal the Trends and interests of your target audience might have.

Your content that is not of your own

As well as posting personal stories and your own content.
Aur so shares other people content get benefited. Make yourself stand out by adding your own personal touch to the content you share like your own opinions or award of congratulation or appreciation of the person.

Respond to comments and replies

Engagement engages more engagement. Make your followers free to feel special plateau comments not only does this make them excited but it also makes a bond between you and yourself.

Mix up your content

Experiment are the key to being successful. Trying different kinds of content will help you to see what are the people trust and what they want to see from you and the thing which the people like the most increase the quantity of that thing.

Make it personal

Don’t be afraid to get personal care videos that include your face and your own personal thoughts to separate you from your competitors.

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