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Biden Hosts Labor Leaders to Discuss Virus Relief Bill

President Biden spoke Wednesday with a group of labor leaders about his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill and to get input on investing in the nation’s infrastructure.

This is American labor, and I said from the beginning of my campaign, throughout my whole career, the middle class built this country and labor built the middle class. And I think we have an incredible opportunity to make some enormous progress in creating jobs, good-paying jobs, Davis-Bacon prevailing wage jobs to rebuild the infrastructure of this country in a way that everybody knows has to be done. And a lot of these folks have been my friends for a long, long, long time. As they say in parts of my state, these are the folks that brung me to the dance. And I appreciate their friendship. What we’re doing here today, I asked them to come in, we want to talk about the Recovery Act we have here that we we’re trying to pass, and I think is going to get done, and building the infrastructure in this country. We are so far behind the curve. We rank something like 38th in the world in terms of our infrastructure. Everything from canals to highways to airports to everything we can do and we need to do to make ourselves competitive in the 21st century. I think, you know, American workers and the whole economy is going to grow in a way that we haven’t seen it grow in a long time.

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