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Biden Challenges Detractors of His Coronavirus Relief Bill

President Biden on Friday called on Republicans who have complained that his $1.9 trillion economic relief package is too large to name which specific provisions they would prefer to cut from the bill.

We need Congress to pass my American Rescue Plan that deals with the immediate crisis, the urgency. Now, critics say my plan is too big, that it cost $1.9 trillion, that’s too much. Let me ask them, what would they have me cut? What would they have me leave out? Should we not invest $20 billion to vaccinate the nation? Should we not invest $290 million to extend unemployment insurance for the 11 million Americans? Should we not invest $50 billion to help small businesses stay open when tens of thousands have had to close permanently? If we don’t pass the American Rescue Plan, 40 million Americans will lose nutritional assistance through a program we call SNAP, the old food stamp program. Do we not invest $3 million — $3 billion to keep families from going hungry? I’m grateful that the Senate and the House are moving quickly, and I’m prepared to hear their ideas on how to make the package better and make it cheaper. I’m open to that. But we have to make clear who is helped and who is hurt.

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