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Best Home Decoration Ideas On A Low Budget

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Sometimes we get the urge to update our home, but the budget is tight. Ideally, we would all have enough resources to splurge on decorating our homes every year. If this is your reality then good for you! But, if you have to be smart with your budget, here are some useful but inexpensive decorating ideas.

Declutter first

Maybe the reason why you crave to change your place is because of all the necessary clutter. Over the years, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, but we fail to declutter once in a while. Start by throwing away old magazines or details that are outdated. Just embrace the vibe out with the old, in with the new and be conscious about bringing new energy into your home.

Rearrange the room

Once you declutter, you’ll make room and you’ll be able to rearrange your furniture. Just by switching the position of your sofa, armchairs, and other furniture pieces can feel like you’ve stepped into a different apartment.

Play around a bit until you find a placement that allows the air to flow freely and gives you space to move around the room. Don’t just rearrange for the sake of rearranging because you might make the room less functional just for the sake of novelty.

Paint an accent wall

The next thing you must try is to paint an accent wall. An accent wall is one wall that is of different colour or texture than the other walls in a room. This wall is usually painted in a dominant colour which makes certain decor elements in the room stand out. People usually choose to paint an accent wall to create a focal point in a room and add more colour to the room without doing it a bit too much. For example, if you like blue, and all other elements are of a complementary or contrasting colour, you can easily create a focal point.

Use a wallpaper

If you’re interested in creating a focal point by creating an accent wall, instead of paint, you can also use wallpaper. These changes can create an entirely different and stylish vibe in a room and you can easily change the wallpaper to a previous colour once you get bored with it. Wallpapers are great because they are a temporary thing, but you can go bold with them and show off your playful side.

Change the pots of your plants

You probably have a plant or two in your apartment. Changing their soil is advised every year or up to 18 months, you can do two things at once. Change their soil and put the plants in new and updated pots. Even though, this can be quite an inexpensive way to update your decor, make sure you made the right voice regarding the colour palette, material, or texture. Make sure they fit well into your overall decor.

Give your sofa some TLC

Furniture can use a bit of tender loving care, especially if you haven’t changed anything in a while. The easiest way to update your sofa is to add a cover or a decorative spread over it. You can use a slipcover, to completely cover dated pieces of furniture. If you’re happy with your furniture, but could use a bit of novelty, try adding a throw of different textures and colours. You can just place it over the seating area or over one side of it.

Update those pillows

Pillows are the next in line because they can easily turn a boring piece of furniture like your sofa into a new one. The key here is to not overdo it and pair pillows in threes. You can buy new pillows or change the cover on the existing ones. You can also get pillows in different shapes, and arrange them to look stylish and feel comfortable once you sit on the sofa. Either way, play with it a bit until you find the shapes, and positions you actually like.

Switch up your window dressing

Sometimes all you need to do to make a room look different, brighter and inviting is to change your window dressing. Get new curtains for your living room or any other room in your place, especially if you’ve been using the same curtains for every season. Curtains should be changed with the change of seasons to give a different vibe to your home, block the light or further insulate the room, depending on the season. For example, long curtains shouldn’t be used during the heating season. You should put up short ones that don’t cover the radiators. So, this is your chance to update your window dressing and style your home further.

Create a cosy reading corner

You probably have one corner in your home that is perfect for reading. Why not turn it into your personal, cosy nook where you can read, journal or just sip your warm drink? All you need is a corner, an armchair, and a small coffee table and you have yourself a reading corner. You can also put up a bookshelf next to you and have everything you need right next to you.

Add contrast with a new rug

Rugs can easily become outdated especially if they are of poor quality. Besides, once you have it washed professionally a few times, it might lose its charm so it might be time to think about a new piece. Carpets or rugs come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, which allows your imagination to run freely and you can make bold combinations. If you need more colours, go bold or patterned, but if you need to brighten the room, go for a neutral shade.

Introduce a timeless piece of decor

Mirrors are considered to be a timeless piece of decor. Not only do they make a room look brighter and more spacious, but they also add a touch of luxury to a room. Of course, try not to mismatch the styles within one room, because then the mirror might feel like it’s misplaced. Instead, match the style of your room to the mirror frame.

These eleven tips will help you turn boring home decor into an inspiring one and you won’t break your budget. Each one will add a touch of novelty to your decor, so don’t be afraid to try them all.

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