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An unbiased comparison of airbrush makeup and traditional makeup

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When you walk down the aisle on your big day, your beautiful wedding dress and pretty face will draw all the eyes. High-quality cameras will be rolling while trying to capture the most memorable day in your life. When everyone’s attention is on your day and when you don’t want anything to go wrong on your big day, it becomes obvious to be concerned about the makeup application. 

The two most common options that both brides and makeup fanatics get are airbrush makeup and traditional makeup. In the airbrush makeup application, an air gun made of stainless steel is used to spray the liquid makeup on the face. There is a trigger on the top of the gun that is used to control the flow of the makeup. 

On the other side, traditional makeup includes hand tools like brushes and sponges to apply makeup on the face. Well, both airbrush makeup and traditional makeup have their own pros and cons. In this blog post, we will look at a comparison of both makeup application methods and understand which one is better for you. 

Traditional makeup 

This is the most common type of makeup that usually comes in cream, liquid, or powdered form. People use their fingers, a sponge, or brushes to apply the traditional foundation evenly on the face. 

There are many experts out there who think there is more variety than the airbrush with almost every shade available but the same can be said for the best airbrush for makeup. Traditional makeup application is also highly versatile and that’s why it is still preferred by many makeup experts. 

While using traditional makeup, you always have the advantage of using it as a basic tint for full coverage. Plus, you can combine it with others to make makeups that cater to particular blemishes. 

In traditional makeup applications, the user is always dependent upon a sponge or a brush for applying a thicker foundation. And in the case of well-blended and light applications, the user has to stay confined to his or her fingertips. Although it is recommended to use traditional makeup at any given time, it comes with its own list of disadvantages. 

Traditional makeup is never waterproof, it is prone to smudging and leaves a visible stain after coming in contact with clothes. Apart from this, you also need regular touch ups to keep the makeup intact. Whenever you use any traditional makeup with SPF, it makes your face white in pictures. 

If someone doesn’t know how to properly use the traditional makeup, it can leave a cake-y look that no one wants. Also, traditional makeup is not long-lasting and a vast majority of women aren’t good at using hand tools for applying makeup. 

Airbrush makeup 

In an airbrush makeup kit, you get an airbrush gun that needs to be preloaded with liquid-makeup products. There is a trigger on the airbrush gun that needs to be pressed for evenly spraying the liquid makeup on the face. One should maintain at least a distance of 4-6 inches from the face while using an airbrush gun for even spray; otherwise, the makeup product will become concentrated at one place. 

You don’t need to be an airbrush makeup artist in order to use the airbrush gun. Just a couple of sprays on paper is what you need to get used to this unparalleled method of makeup application. The preloaded liquid makeup stays in the chamber of the gun and when you press the trigger, it is the compressor in the gun that sprays the makeup on the face. 

One of the best advantages of using airbrush makeup is it can last all day long. So, there is no need to carry a small foundation kit in your bag for touch ups and for keeping the makeup intact. Although three types of makeup formulation can be used in an airbrush gun- water-based, silicone based and alcohol based, the silicone one is considered the best choice. 

When silicone-based formation makes the makeup water-resistant and this is why more and more women are flocking towards airbrush makeup. Also, since mist is sprayed on the skin, it leaves a natural and flawless finish on the skin rather than a caked look. This is what everyone loves about airbrush makeup. 

You will be surprised to know that when airbrush makeup is used like an airbrush makeup artist, it can last for more than 16 hours. So, if you want to enjoy all these benefits, you should go with airbrush makeup. 

If you want long lasting, flawless, natural, and seamless makeup then you should always use airbrush makeup otherwise you can rely on the traditional makeup and stay confined to the old method of applying makeup. Another good thing about airbrush makeup is it’s easy to use.

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