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Aka.ms/yourpc: How to Link a Phone to Windows PC using Your Phone App?

HomeTechnologyAka.ms/yourpc: How to Link a Phone to Windows PC using Your Phone App?

Having a Smartphone has many benefits as there are many things that can be done using a Smartphone. However, there are many people who do not know the complete functions and features of the device and are not able to use the device to its full potential. Are you familiar with the fact that you can connect your Smartphone to a Windows PC to make your work easier after that, you can also manage and use your Smartphone with your Windows PC. 

If you do not know about this then, there is no need for you to worry as in the tutorial, we are going to mention the complete process that you can follow when you want to link your Smartphone to your windows PC with the help of www aka ms your pc application. 

Is it possible to link your Smartphone to Windows PC?

If you are wondering whether the pairing between your Smartphone and windows PC is possible then, allow me to tell you that this task is possible with the help of a mobile application that will link your android phone to your computer with a Windows operating system. 

After the link has been established, you can easily use your Smartphone with the help of your computer without any issues. All the functions like calling any person, accessing the gallery, and sending messages can be completed with the help of your computer. 

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How can you link your Android device to Windows PC with aka.ms/yourpc?

Here we are going to tell you the complete process that you need to follow when you want to use www.aka.ms.yourpc to link your mobile phone and Windows PC. 

  1. You need to start the process by opening the computer that you want to link with your device. 
  2. You need to install the Your Phone Application on your computer to move forward in the process. 
  3. The application will create a link that you can send on your mobile phone. 
  4. Once you click the link that you have sent to your device, you will see that your android device has been paired with your computer. 
  5. You can also enter the same email address on your computer as well as your mobile phone when you want to ensure that both of your devices are paired, 
  6. As soon as the pairing will be completed, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone with the same message. 

After this, you can easily use the computer for any task that you want to perform with the help of your mobile phone as the aka.ms/yourpc application allows you to use your computer in the same way as you use your mobile phone. There are a lot of benefits that you will get after pairing your devices as you will be able to complete the most basic transfers from one device to the other within no time. You can use the website Allneedy when you want to know the different functions and activities that you can complete on your computer after pairing your mobile phone with it.

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