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Advantages of Magnetic Cubes

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One of the fastest growing areas in speed cube customizability is magnet adjusting. With weighted lubes of tiered viscosities that speed up or slow down cubes, silicone and water based lubes that are meant for specific parts of the cube, and store-specific lubes like Cubelelo Nucleus and Classic, magnet adjusting has become a must have feature in speed cubes.


One of the best features of magnetic cubes is that they are very stable. This is a feature that many Rubik’s cube enthusiasts look for in a cube.

Stability is very important because it can prevent corner pieces from twisting during a solve. It also makes the cube more controllable, which is important for solving competitions.

The stability of a magnetic cube is based on the number of magnets in the cube. In addition to the number of magnets, there are also other factors that affect how stable a cube is.

The stability of a magnetic cube can be determined by the number of balls in the cube, as well as the length of the gap between each chain. This is done by computing the Hessian of each system, allowing the critical values of these parameters to be determined up to machine precision.

Ease of Rotation

One of the main advantages of magnetic cubes is their ease of rotation. Each block can be rotated by 0deg, 90deg, 180deg or 270deg around any of its x, y and z axes.

In addition, every cube has six faces and twelve edges, so for each spindle that goes through the centres of two opposite faces it can make three possible 90deg rotations. It can also make six possible rotations of 180deg if it goes through the centres of two opposite edges.

The invention provides a non-contact detection rotating electronic cube comprising at least four cube blocks and a central multi-axis connector. It is characterized in that the cube blocks are connected by a mechanical structure, and the central multi-axis connector is provided with a non-contact detecting module. The detecting module is a set of circuit assemblies 11 that can receive wireless electromagnetic waves of different frequencies. It can detect the rotation data of the cube level by the received wireless electromagnetic wave signals.


Accuracy is the correctness of a measurement, and is often expressed as a percent error. It’s important to note that the term accuracy is different than precision, which is a metric that measures how well a set of measurements agree with each other.

The accuracy of a magnetic cube is influenced by several factors, including the size of the magnets and the distance between them. It also depends on the number of sensors used and their placement.

Increasing the number of sensors and the Linter-sensor distance decreases the error. However, this does not guarantee a better localization.

Hence, it is crucial to ensure that the geometry meets the requirements (i.e., th > 31deg) to achieve high accuracy. Moreover, it is important to check that the geometrical requirements are met irrespectively of the MMs distribution in a given moment, i.e., as the MMs are moved or not. This is done by simulating several spatial configurations20.


One of the best things about magnetic cubes is that they can be customized based on your preference. This allows you to customize the tightness of the cube, which in turn gives you a better turning experience.

GAN has developed a system that allows you to quickly change the strength of the magnets in the cube. The box comes with three different sets of capsules that contain strong, medium and weak magnets.

Once you’ve inserted each capsule, the other capsule snaps into place to secure them in their correct position. This makes it super easy to change the magnet strength on a cube without having to remove any pieces or take off the entire puzzle.

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